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Harry Styles Hit with a Bottle During Performance in Chicago, Watch Video

In a shocking turn of events, an audience member threw a bottle at Harry Styles when he was performing in Chicago last night. The singer was live at United Center, as a part of his Love on Tour world tour, when a so-called fan hurled a bottle towards him that hit straight on his crotch.

Harry was visibly in pain and had to stop in the middle of the performance. The 28 year old pop tsar, however, took the incident in stride. He maintained his calm and continued with his set after the short pause. Continue reading to know more about the incident.

Harry Styles Hit with Bottle at Chicago Concert

Harry was performing in Chicago on Friday night when out of nowhere, a bottle came flying at him from an audience member and hit him in the crotch. The Late Night Talking singer looked so much in pain, and the audience groaned at the sight as he said, “Well, that’s unfortunate.”

Styles had to stop his performance and bent down as he bore the pain. He then shook his legs to get some relief. “OK, shake it off,” he was heard saying in the video as he bounced a bit and pumped himself back.

The singer, however, did not let the incident impact his performance. He got back and squeaked a little to make the crowd laugh. Harry then continued with his set, with the rest of the show going pretty normal.

Harry Maintained his Calm after the Incident

Fans are now impressed with how the singer maintained his calm and did not dwell much on the incident. He did not even ask security to identify the person who had thrown the bottle and let him out of the venue. Instead, he kept interacting with the crowd, keeping no hard feelings. Soon after the mishap, he asked the audience if they were Chicago residents or were visiting the city.

“Denmark? Oh, welcome! Make some noise for Denmark, everybody. Famously a very happy country. Are you happy, sir? Look at him!,” said Harry when a fan revealed he was from Denmark. “Now, speaking of this happy man, we’re now going to sing a very sad song. Or a very hopeful, uplifting song!,” he said, continuing the interaction.

Recently a Fan Threw a Nugget on Stage During Harry’s Performance

Just a few weeks ago, the singer-turned-actor was performing at the Madison Square Garden in New York when a fan threw a chicken nugget on stage. Harry then stopped in between to pick up the piece and asked, “Is that a chicken nugget?”

The crowd cheered, and the performer said, “Interesting, very interesting approach,” before asking who had thrown the nugget. The audience then responded by throwing another nugget and then started chanting, “Eat it.” 

“I don’t eat chicken, I don’t eat meat, sorry. First of all, this is cold and I am assuming very old,” replied Harry. He then tossed the nugget back into the crowd and said, “All right here you go. Don’t eat it,” and got back to his performance.

What are your thoughts about the incident and the singer’s reaction to it? Tell us in the comments section.

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