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Harry Styles Commits $1 Million from Tour to Everytown for Gun Safety

Many celebrities have come out to voice their opinions about the recent school shooting that took over 21 lives, out of which, 19 were young children. One such celebrity is Harry Styles.

Harry Styles Promises $1 Million In Donation

Harry Styles, a former member of the popular boyband One Direction, recently released his third solo album called Harry’s House. He is scheduled to go on a tour soon to promote the album.

However, the tickets for his North American leg of the tour will be more than just tickets. Styles has teamed with a nonprofit organization called Gun Safety. It is founded by the legendary actress Julianne Moore.

Styles has promised that over $1 million dollars from the upcoming tour will be going to the nonprofit organization. The organization educates and lobbies for gun safety and gun violence prevention.

The tour ‘Love On Tour’ is scheduled to start in North America in August. There will be multiple concerts in New York and Los Angeles.

What Did Harry Styles Say About The Shooting?

Harry made a post on Instagram where he talked directly to 45 million followers. Harry wrote that “Along with all of you, I have been absolutely devastated by the recent string of mass shootings in America, culminating at the latest in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas,”

Styles further stated, “On our North American tour, we will be partnering with Everytown, who work to end gun violence, donating to support their efforts, and sharing their suggested action items.”

In the same post, he also shared two other slides of pictures. One was how firearms are the leading cause of death among American children and teenagers. The third picture called his followers to action. It urged them to text ‘ACT’ to 64433 to be a part of Everytown to end gun violence.

In 17 hours, the post has received over 2.4 million likes. Fans and followers praised his decision in over 11,000 comments under the post.

Other Times He Spoke Up

This is not the first time Styles has voiced his opinion on an issue. Recently, when talks about the possibility of making abortion illegal were underway, Styles posted on his story that said men should not be making decisions about women’s bodies.

He also said in an interview that “I don’t really know where that ends. Someone needs an operation and someone can decide that they can’t have it? It makes no sense to me”. He also said that “there should be backlash and uproar over these things”.

Styles had also waved the Ukrainian flag and sang his famous song Sign of The Times at one of his concerts. He has also been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community. A video of him helping a fan come out as a lesbian to her mother also went viral recently.

Several other celebrities like John Legend, Taylor Swift, Matthew McConaughey, Justin Bieber, and others have come out to share their disappointment and frustration over the lives lost. The children who were massacred could have been saved if proper gun control laws were in place.

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