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Gran Turismo 7 Updates and Release: What Do We Know So Far?

Are you curious to play Gran Turismo 7 on your PC? Here’s some important information coming out from this upcoming racing game.

Gran Turismo 7 has been the most awaited racing game title that is set to release in 2022. The first glimpse of this game was seen in some promotional videos that were used to promote features of the latest PlayStation 5. The developer of this upcoming racing game has recently released a new clip of this game. And because of this trailer cum clip, racing game lovers are eager to find additional formation about its compatibility, release date, and trailer. So here is all the information available on Gran Turismo 7 that will give the players a rough idea about what they are going to witness in this upcoming racing game.

Is Gran Turismo Compatible With PC?

PlayStation recently released a video clip of Turismo 7 that’s show some visual representation of what the game will look like when it is fully developed and ready to be released. Most of the footage used in this new video clip has already been shown in many other promotional videos of PlayStation 5. Currently, as per various rumours, we are just a few days away from the release of a potential beta version of the game, but there isn’t any official announcement from the makers on this topic.

Players are also curious to find out whether the game will be compatible with PC or not? This curiousness started to catch fire after a number of rumours suggested that Gran Turismo 7 could be made compatible with PC. But unfortunately, this is just a rumour, as this game is PS exclusive, and it will be released for console users only. Thus, players are not going to get the option of downloading Gran Turismo 7 on their PC anytime soon.

Luckily, players can still enjoy this game on their PC using the PlayStation Now service. Moreover, Gran Turismo will be available on PS4, and this news has been confirmed by the makers.

Gran Turismo 7 Trailer

As of now, we are only available with a 3-minute reveal trailer of Gran Turismo that was used at Sony’s PS5 game reveal event. The developer of the game, Polyphony Digital is definitely not giving many details on their upcoming project, but we have good footage of Gran Turismo 7, including a 3-minute race on the iconic Trail Mountain circuit.

Hopefully, Polyphony Digital will release some hits regarding the features of Gran Turismo 7, such as the GT Cafe mode, whose glimpse we saw in the game’s menu.

Gran Turismo 7: Release Date

As per Sony, Gran Turismo 7 will now release in 2022 instead of late 2021.

While giving an interview to GQ Magazine, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan said that the release date of Gran Turismo 7 has slipped to 2022 because of the various challenges the makers are facing due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Jim Ryan said, “With the ongoing pandemic, it’s a dynamic and changing situation and some critical aspects of game production have been slowed over the past several months. We will share more specifics on GT7’s release date when available.”

Apart from all this information, nothing official has been announced by the makers about Gran Turismo 7. So, keep visiting our website to find out more about this upcoming racing game from Polyphony Digital.

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