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Girl Scout Cookie Season 2022: Where to Buy, Cost and More

The Cookie Selling Season is Here!

Cookie fans, it’s now time for you to rejoice.

Officially, the Girls Scouts Cookie Season is here and a brand new cookie has made a grand entry to the lineup. So, if you are an avid Chocolate lover, be ready to welcome, Adventurefuls, a caramel-flavored brownie with a delicate creamy center, and oh, that drizzle of chocolate sauce with a slight touch of sea salt makes it all better.

This new flavor is a brand-new addition to the shelf of all the previous cookies present in the Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

If you are not aware of Girl Scout Cookies, then you mustn’t stop scrolling because we are in the cookie season.

Girl Scout Cookie Tradition – What Is It?

Five years after the establishment of the Girl Scout Cookie organization, the Girl Scout Cookies were introduced in 1917.

A small group in Oklahoma conducted a bake sale in their school. The motive was to collect funds for other group activities. With more than a hundred councils involved, the idea spread like wildfire.

Soon later within five years, the delivery of Girl Scout Cookies began door to door. In 1922, these cookies were sold as cheap as 25 cents/dozen.

Therefore, it can officially be declared that Girl Scouts are ready to travel through the United States with their green uniforms.

Also, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Caramel Chocolate Chip are back in town and ready to be bought.

Here goes the official statement.

It’s the best time of the year… IT’S OFFICIALLY GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON!Visit bit.ly/3tmKS5j for more information and to know when the season officially kicks off in your area. What Girl Scout Cookies are on your wishlist this year?”, the caption read.

Shanna Prevé, DoorDash’s VP of strategic partnerships and business development said, “As a Girl Scout Cookie lover myself, I am so excited to welcome Girl Scouts of the USA to our platform, providing a fast and convenient option for customers to access beloved Girl Scout Cookies on-demand, while empowering Girl Scouts to meaningfully grow their cookie businesses,”

“Through this collaboration, we aim to provide access and opportunity for Girl Scouts, while providing their neighborhoods with safe, efficient, and enjoyable ways to support their local troops.”, She further added.

Where To Buy These Cookies?

Due to the surge in covid-19, you can expect lesser Girls Scouts on the road. However, it is now easy for customers to find their sellers.

Visit the official “Meet the Cookies” website and enter your zip code. You will automatically be redirected to the nearest cookie booth.

Customers in the United States can type their zip code into the free Cookie Finder app, which will direct them to the nearest cookie booth.

Alternatively, you can text COOKIES at 59618 to access the information on your mobile.

Moreover, you can head to DoorDash and order the cookies at your door. United Kingdom users will not be able to have their hands on the cookies.

Price of Girl Scout Cookies

Depending on where you live, the prices will vary. The cookies will be available in boxes of 12.

From the fair range of $4-$7, you will have to pay anywhere between them. Girl Scout Council will set its price tag.

Have you ordered your box of cookies yet?

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  1. My family Loves girlscout cookies, if possible could you please send me prices and when you will be starting the sales of the cookies, if at all possible maybe you could stop by our home and we could purchase some, I would appreciate any help you can give me, thank you, LaDonna Victor


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