Holi is getting a new look this year with Pharrell and Adidas collaborating for the Hu Holi line, honoring the Indian festival of color. The new collection is bursting with Bollywood style flair with its sleek design and dramatic colors.


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The Pharrell and Adidas collab brings us a variety of Holi-inspired footwear, tees, track jackets, track pants, hoodies, crew-neck shirts, shorts and more. The unisex apparel and footwear feature powder dye effects so now you can show up to the Holi party filled with color or celebrate Holi all day, every day courtesy of Adidas.

How awesome is it that they actually used models of color and people of South Asian descent to promote this? It may seem like a small detail but it is a HUGE deal that they are actually promoting Indian culture using Indians or South Asians.

The Pharrell Williams HU Holi shoes are pretty dope. The original Adidas NMD MC shoes come in 3 colors: black with purple details, white with Holi-inspired powder dye effects on the inside collar, and a third with deeper powder dye effects on the entire shoe with lime green and purple details. They all come with reflective shoelaces.

Besides the original Adidas design, there are also tennis shoes with white leather lining and Stan Smith shoes with the dye effects available. You can purchase the Holi shoes in all white if you please featuring Hindi script.


The designers have truly enveloped the core features of Holi into their designs by incorporating the friendship and unity promoted by the celebration. Holi welcomes people of all religions, races, and castes to enjoy the day together as one. To incorporate this aspect, the shoes feature Hindi writing on one shoe and English on the other with words like “Equality.”

After spending months designing the line, Pharrell got a first-hand experience of celebrating Holi in India at the Holi Festival. Adidas ambassador and Pharrell fan, Ranveer Singh hosted a huge Holi party in India on March 2. Pharrell will be a part of it and Adidas even live streamed the event! Catch it on YouTube. 

As a special gift, India has access to purchase the HU Holi collection 2 weeks before the rest of the world. This new collection is indicative of Adidas’ goal to be a more inclusive company by acknowledging the diversity of its consumers. It may not be perfect, and we’re sure some fans will have their criticism, but on a larger scale, this new line is a beautiful reflection of the views of people changing across the world to celebrate instead of ostracizing others, not like them.


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