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“Forest Question” Relationship Test Goes Viral on TikTok: How to Take?

A new relationship test titled “Forest Question” is going viral on TikTok and users are enjoying it. This particular test puts a couple in a series of questions and answers, and the responses help them analyze their bond. Learn what it is and how to take the test.

‘Dating and relationships’ is one of the most liked categories on TikTok with videos revolving around it garnering millions of views. The Forest Question is the latest relationship to get popular on the platform where couples feature in short videos.

Recently, a number of personality tests like mental age test, human feeling test, and green line test went viral on TikTok. Forest Question joins the list of trends you can create a video for and it’s highly likely to get lots of views, likes, and comments.

What is the Forest Question Relationship Test?

The Forest Question is a simple relationship test that features a series of questions you have to ask your partner. There are four questions, to be precise, and your partner’s answers will help you analyze the relationship and bond between you.

There’s no website or app you need to install for this test. You and your partner have to indulge in a discussion involving the Forest Questions. This relationship test is known to figure out where you and your loved one stand in the bond.

Many couples on TikTok are currently posting videos around it as it has become one of the top trends overnight. Videos created around it are garnering thousands and millions of views.

Origin of the Forest Question TikTok Test

TikTok’s latest trend, the Forest Question relationship test, has a Japanese word. It comes from a book of Kokology. The term “Kokology” is the transliteration of the Japanese word for ‘mind’ and ‘spirit’.

This game was created in Japan to study psychological processes and behavior. It involves presenting hypothetical questions and situations to people. They must envision the situation in order to respond correctly.

The individual’s answers help to develop a sense of self-worth and self-discovery. For instance, the Forest Question answers represent the status of a relationship.

This trend got traction on TikTok when popular user @julieandcorey posted a video in which she was having a discussion with her husband. She did the test and revealed in the caption that it came from the same kokology book that has the Strawberry Question (_Kokology: the Game of Self-Discovery).

How to Take Forest Question Test for TikTok?

To take the Forest Question test on TikTok, you and your partner have to sit in a quiet and calm place, an outdoor garden or backyard is a recommended location. You two have to visualize that you are in a forest and then you have to start asking these questions:

  1. What is the first animal that you see?
  2. What is the second animal that you see?
  3. You are walking in a forest and then you see a hut, do you bypass it, knock before going in or crash it
  4. You see a jug, how much water is in it? Half, full, or none?

You have to ask the questions one by one and give your partner enough time to think and respond. Don’t hurry it as you can easily cut out the clip while editing for TikTok. Once your partner starts answering, you can note it down to analyze it.

Finally, you have to analyze the answers. An explanation is available below. You can use it to see where you two stand as a couple.

Forest Questions and Answers Explained

There are four questions in the Forest Question relationship test and each question’s answer has a hidden meaning. Here is the meaning of all the answers:

  • The first animal that your partner see represents themselves.
  • The second anima that your partner visualizes is you.
  • Next, the hut represents how ready you are for the relationship and if you are confident about it or not.
  • Finally, the amount of water in the jug represents how much love your partner feels for you in the relationship.

You can further study the relationship between the two animals they mentioned. The knock on the hut means the relationship is healthy enough to continue while the half-filled or empty jug represents that there isn’t much love left.

Is the Forest Question Relationship Test accurate?

The Forest Question relationship test is very popular on TikTok and other social media platforms. However, there’s no scientific backing, research, or study available to support it. Hence, you can’t call it fully accurate to assess a relationship. It’s only a Kokology game.

You should only consider it a social media trend to have fun and gain views as well as attention. There’s nothing more to that. In Japan, this test is used in special settings by psychologists with brief experience.

Casual users cannot figure out the actual meanings. Therefore, this test isn’t accurate and you should only take it for your TikTok video. Don’t forget to add a catchy caption and suitable hashtags.

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