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Emma Chamberlain Just Deleted Her TikTok Account

Why did she do that?

Who would want to do that? I mean, ask yourself, if you have a follower gang of 10 Million; would you rather flaunt it or delete it? I hear you!

What possibly went downhill with Emma Chamberlain that she had to delete her TikTok?

Should we find out?

The popular YouTuber whose career began in 2017 has been a massive highlight for many reasons. Over the past many years, she has managed to keep the limelight. Her numbers on YouTube and Instagram are very high. She is powerful enough to take on one platform at once and then slowly move to capture the other.

Well, this time, she had different plans, and thus, leaving many people in a dilemma, she quit TikTok.

Emma Chamberlain on Social Media!

Emma’s YouTube channel has more than 11.1 Million Followers. For four years now, she has been creating content on YouTube about almost everything. The 20-year old has maintained quite a show.

She creates vlogs and videos covering a lot of content. Be it tutorials, chats about skin tutorials, fashion, and what not.

Her followers just keep rising every single day.

If you are one of Emma’s subscribers, then most certainly, you are aware. If you aren’t, there is no such problem since the influencer shared a thing or two with fans about her unavailability and how she would consider staying away from the Internet for some time.

“I took this week off to make cheese boards and go to the beach and clear my mind, so no video this week,” Emma’s message read.

“But I will see you soon. I love you all, and I hope you had a relaxing and beautiful Sunday.”

On her Instagram, she has approximately 14 Million followers.

Brings us back to the next question, why did she quit TikTok? Umm, let’s find out.

Why Did Emma Delete TikTok?

Yesterday, she posted a snap on her Instagram story captioning it ”Good Riddance”. The Snap was ”her” deleting her ”TikTok” account; here’s a glimpse.

She took this step to majorly focus on important things and subjects. Her bold move to highlight the same to the followers was evident enough.

She spoke more on the subject on her Podcast.

“I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until I cut TikTok out of my life.”, she said in ”Anything Goes”, her podcast.

She continued, “As dumb as it may sound, it has been genuinely a life-changing experience. It’s crazy how much I have realized.” Giving an example of how her life changed after leaving the platform, she said: “It seemed like TikTok kept me entertained in the bed to the point where I would stay in bed so much longer. Within the first few days of deleting TikTok, I stopped laying in bed so much because I would get so bored. It forced me to get and I felt like I was doing more chores.”

Enjoy her podcasts here.

Emma is on an honest break and from the looks of it, she is not coming back on any platform anytime soon.

Her community posts on YouTube were posted 4 months earlier. Below is a snap.

What are your opinions?

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