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Elle Darby Racist Tweets: Why is She Facing Hate?

If you’ve been wondering who Elle Darby is and what all the fuss is about, this is the place to find out. Several YouTubers are reacting to her hateful words that she made long back. For the time being, let’s go over who she is. Elle Darby, 26, is a very well-known influencer, with over 600,000 YouTube subscribers and 744,400 Instagram followers.

Darby is most known for her YouTube vlogs, which depict her day-to-day life as a single mother. She’s married to Connor Swift. But something unforeseen happened recently.

She lost nearly ten thousand followers. Of course, she’s an influencer, and viewers looked through her previous tweets and discovered something. And now they have a different perspective about this influencer.

A Slew Of Racist Tweets By Elle Darby & Her Husband

That’s awful!

On January 3, a massive list of tweets from Darby’s former Twitter account surfaced, revealing the influencer making racist tweets about Polish, Chinese, and Indians. These tweets were all posted in 2011 and 2012. Not just Elle, but also her husband Connor Swift, have tweeted hateful comments in the past.

Here is a compilation of some of Elle and her husband’s tweets.

  • “This bus is sweaty and stinks of Indians.”
  • “Looked like a black man after work, through all the fust I collected. #StillLookedHot.”
  • “Why do foreign people follow me? I don’t speak your grunts, meatheads.”

Not only that, but Elle Darby has also stated on Twitter that she “hates [sic] polish people and Indians really.”

Elle Darby & Her Husband Apologized On Instagram

After everything that came out regarding Elle and her husband’s hateful comments, the couple apologized on Instagram. We are ‘beyond angry,’ they stated.

“Christmas and New Year are traditionally a time for reflection and as such, we decided to take some time to look through both of our histories on social media.”

Adding, “We are ashamed to admit that we did not like what we found. The both of us were shocked, surprised, and devastated by some of the language used in our very old tweets in particular over a decade ago.”

Continuing, “We feel that we all have a responsibility for our own mistakes and to try and take responsibility for our actions, especially the ones that don’t paint us in the best light. These comments are not a reflection of who either of us are as grown adults, nor who we were at the time they were made, and do not align with what we stand for.”

“We are beyond angry at ourselves and ashamed that our behavior will have been hurtful to some of you who have supported our family for so long.

Lastly, “We can only wish for your forgiveness.”

YouTubers Reaction On Elle Darby’s Hateful Comments

Several YouTubers took this hateful comment and reacted to what Elle Darby said about the people in their videos. Many individuals have been disappointed by her and her husband’s comments. And also exposed them.

Many people stated that ‘Age isn’t an excuse.

‘Ugh! I can’t stand her’

Her Shocking Tweets Shocked YouTubers!

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