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Eddie Murphy To Pay $35K Child Support, Fans Slam Mel B For ‘Abusing Child Support Law’

Eddie Murphy, who rose to fame on ‘Saturday Night Live’, has reportedly agreed to pay his ex Mel B, $35k child support. The former “Spice Girl” shares a daughter Angel Iris with the comedian. However, Murphy fans are slamming the singer for abusing the “child support law” despite having a $6 million net worth. Read on to learn all about this agreement.

Eddie Is An Extraordinary ‘High Earner’…

Edward Regan Murphy, 61 is known for fathering 10 children with five different women. However, he shares a daughter, Angel Iris, with his Melanie Janine Brown aka Mel B, a child Edward previously denied as his own. Now, court documents reveal that the 61-year-old comedian has agreed to pay $35,000 in child support to Mel B for his 15-year-old daughter.

The court documents first obtained by Daily Mail reveal, that “the pair agreed to a new child support arrangement two years after Brown requested additional financial assistance due to a “change in income”.

The new documents reportedly state that “the comedian is an “extraordinarily high earner”. Previously, Murphy was paying US$25,000 in child support per an agreement settled between the two stars in 2009. The court’s verdict reads as under:

“The parties agree that Respondent (Murphy) is an extraordinarily high earner. The amount of child support set forth hereinbelow has been calculated based on the reasonable needs of the minor child…Commencing October 1, 2021, as and for child support for the benefit of Angel, Respondent shall pay to Petitioner the sum of $35,000 per month. Child support shall be payable via wire transfer, and shall be due on the first calendar day of each month.”

The documents also reveal that “child support will be payable via wire transfer, and shall be due on the first calendar day of each month.” The filing reveals that Mel B will remain responsible for the “add-on” cost of her daughter, including health insurance, health care, extracurricular activities and education expenses.

The agreement is also described as a “non-guideline child support order,” this means that modification would not be required unless there is a material change of circumstances. The decision comes after Mel B filed papers seeking more child support in October 2020, claiming her “income had plummeted.”

It has been reported that the ‘Spice Girl’ will receive these new payments retroactively from October 2022 till the time her daughter turns 18 in 2025. If you aren’t aware, Eddie Murphy initially denied being Angel’s father, whom he gave birth to Brown in November 2007. However, a paternity test later confirmed that the father was Murphy.

Eddie As A Womaniser…

Eddie Murphy was ranked No. 10 on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time’ and has a net worth of around $200 million. The “Golden Globe Award” winner IS known for being a womaniser apart from being a successful actor. He shares 10 children with 5 different women.

He has two sons, Eric (born in 1989) with then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely; and Christian (born in 1990), with then-girlfriend Tamara Hood. He has five children with actress and fitness trainer, Nicole Mitchell: Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella. Eddie and Mitchell got divorced in 2007.

In 2006, he started dating former Spice Girl Mel B, who gave birth to his daughter in 2007. When questioned about the pregnancy, Murphy stated in an interview: “I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test.” It is claimed by Mel B that despite knowing that Murphy is Angel’s father, he never sought to have a father-daughter relationship with her.

In 2016, Murphy married film producer Tracey Edmonds, and described it as a ‘symbolic union”. However, they did not go for a legal ceremony. In the same year, he gave birth to a daughter with Australian model Paige Butcher, whom he was dating since 2012. In 2018, Paige gave birth to Murphy’s other child, “Charlie”, who was named after Murphy’s late brother, who died of leukaemia.

Murphy Fans Slam Mel B For Exploiting Law…

As Eddie Murphy agrees to pay $35,000 to Mel B in child support, some Eddie Murphy fans seem to be disappointed by the decision and are slamming the “Hot” artist for exploiting child support law despite having a net worth of $6 million.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “I didn’t even know Eddie Murphy and Mel B had a kid together. $35,000 a month in child support is insane.” Another wrote, “Eddie Murphy has to pay $35k in child support each month, for one child may I add. Darn if I don’t have the wrong baby daddy lol.” One mocked Mel B by writing: “So scary spice got Eddie murphy for 35 racks a month on child support… being an ex is a full-time gig smh.”

Well, Meb B may be having a $6 million net worth but that doesn’t exclude Eddie from taking up his responsibility for fathering a child, and I think that’s what the court feels, especially after he denied Angel as his own child. However, one should not forget that the court has ordered Mel B to provide educational and health insurance expenses for her daughter.

If you aren’t aware, in her 2018 memoir, “Brutally Honest”, Mel B claimed that Eddie confronted her father for her hand in marriage in 2006 and even got a tattoo of her name on his thigh. Not only this, the pair planned to get married and she became pregnant with Murphy’s child.

However, tables turned after she flew to Leeds, feeling unhappy with murphy’s lifestyle. Well, we all know he’s sort of a Cassanova. As for the child support, I don’t think the court was wrong in raising the child support because Angel cannot have a father, but she can at least have a bright future. What do you think about it?

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. 35k is insane/mo. A child can have a bright education with 5k-10k/mo, especially with a mother that has a net worth of 6million plus, and gainful career. Terrible decision.

  2. This Pathetic woman need to get off her lazy butt and get a damn job. if you have reduced income get a job fathers are more than a damn ATM.What is this kid eating 24 karat sandwiches.I remember when They first broke up she had the nerve to ask the court for Eddie Murphy to buy her a house in Beverly Hills. money hungry who**.

  3. He was paying $25,000 a month in child support.She then went back and requested more money because her income status changed. Hmmmm


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