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Eagle-Eyed Viewers Spot A Spider On Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin At The State Funeral

Viewers from across the globe attended the queen’s funeral but we didn’t know that they were keeping such a keen eye. During Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral today (Sept. 19), it was a lucky spider who managed to get the most premium seat to mourn the queen’s death.

As the 96-year-old monarch’s casket was taken to Westminster Abbey, a green-coloured spider, now being dubbed the “royal spider” appeared on a note by King Charles III and started crawling on the queen’s coffin.

The Viewers Are Eagle-Eyed…

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral took place today and thousands of royal guests and world leaders came down to London to attend the final rites of the beloved queen. However, there was one special guest who got the closest view of the state funeral, well, it was a tiny spider.

In the images that were a part of the live broadcast by BBC, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a tiny spider crawling on the queen’s casket, specifically on King Charles III’s note for his beloved mother. Well, someone just escaped the royal garden to bid goodbye to its queen.

The spider initially appeared on the wreath, a floral arrangement carefully prepared by Charles for his late mother. A tweet from the royal family read,  “At The King’s request, the wreath contains foliage of Rosemary, English Oak and Myrtle (cut from a plant grown from Myrtle in The Queen’s wedding bouquet) and flowers, in shades of gold, pink and deep burgundy, with touches of white, cut from the gardens of Royal Residences.”

How Netizens Are Reacting…

While the queen’s state funeral was filled with world leaders, royal members and dignitaries from across the world, it was a small spider that is getting more important than ever. Now dubbed as “royal spider” or the “luckiest spider in the world”, social media users cannot stop talking about this little creature that was seen crawling on the queen’s casket.

After noticing this spider, people began sharing videos and photos as it crawled on the king’s letter placed atop the Queen’s coffin. “Did anyone else spot the spider catching a ride on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin?” one Twitter user asked.

Another user wrote: “All hail to our Queen spider.” Another user wrote: “God save the Royal Spider.” One user called this spider “the most famous and luckiest spider in the world right now.” One tweet read, “Spider crawling around the Queen’s coffin during this whole procession is the real MVP.”

The small, green spider later disappeared into the bouquet. But again, where there are flowers, insects would be present. It’s the queen’s state funeral, and I am unable to understand people are going nuts over a spider! Well, as they say, some humans manage to find some joy in the most dreadful days. Some people are even calling the incident a “good omen”.

After a 10-day mourning period, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral took place today at 11 a.m BST in London’s Westminster Abbey. The longest-reigning monarch in British history was big goodbye by a congregation of approx. 2000 people, including world leaders, royals and dignitaries. Her coffin was carried up the same aisle where she married Prince Philip. She was buried next to her parents, sister and beloved husband as per her wish.

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