Navratri comes around four times a year, a Festival of 9 nights and 10 days to celebrate the Divine Goddess Energy. Of the 4, two are most commonly celebrated, the ones in the Fall and then Spring. The Spring Navratri began Sunday, March 18th. It is linked to the lunar calendar. It marks the New Moon, a time primed for setting intentions and fulfilling the things you said you’d set out to do!

There is an abundance of folklore surrounding Navratri. Simply put, this festival is a call to connect to your Divine Power. This auspicious time is about energy/Goddess, as well the consort of Goddess, the Warrior. There is always a coupledom in folklore, be it Radha/Krishna, Parvati/Shankar, Ram/Sita. They represent the two sides in all of us.

Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti, the Sun and the Moon, no matter what you call it, it’s a two-part energy system that exists inside each of us, male or female, called Feminine and Masculine Energy. We literally have all the energy inside of us that makes us whole within ourselves!

The issue is that if we have both energies within us, using only one part of it cuts our full potential in half.

You may have one energy system that is stronger and that may very well be your comfort zone. Its how you’ve survived and thrived in life! However, let’s say you mostly operate from the masculine, then the saying is real, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. It becomes awkward to express your feminine energy and so you may, like me, practice it less and less. Click here to read about the power of practice. Either way, if one whole part of us isn’t being fully expressed, then we aren’t operating as a whole human.

In order to find a true balance, you have to be connected and know what the other side looks like, feels like, talks like, how it presents itself in your life. Otherwise, chances are, it’s only showing up in moments of stress and anxiety and you won’t know how to handle or harness the unpracticed energy.

When I met my husband I operated from a more masculine energy. He operated from a more feminine energy, exuding nurturing, romance,  and affection. However, in moments of disagreement, anxiety, or stress, we switch. I become more emotional with a need to be understood. He becomes masculine, analyzing the situation with a need to be appreciated. You can imagine the annoyance each one of us had we couldn’t recognize each other or ourselves!

When we aren’t mindful of all our qualities, we only embrace the negative polarities of the opposite side. There are so many wonderful positives. Feminine energy is creative, vulnerable, patient, intuitive, with a need to be understood and seen. It’s represented on the left side of the body, the receptive side.

Masculine energy is assertive and practical. It needs to be seen and appreciated. It’s competitive, represented on the right side of the body and is expressive. Both energies make for a beautiful life. A human’s full potential comes from embracing both the masculine and feminine energy within.

Without this acceptance of both sides within ourselves, we look for external factors to fill the void, be it to possess more material items or gravitating towards the notion that only another person or things can complete us or lead us to self-realization.

That is why I love Navratr. It puts me in touch with the Goddess Energy, the Divine Power! I’m here to tell you the universe has created a time where you can connect to your source of wholeness both masculine and feminine. So how do you connect to your Divine Power?

4 Ways to Connect to Your Divine Power:

1. Be Mindful of Your Habitual Operations

We all operate strongly from either a masculine or feminine. Just know which one you are. It can also change over time. I’ve noticed that over time I’ve actually become more feminine in most situations. You may think you’re one way because that’s how you’ve operated for most of your life, but take a real close look and be honest.

They are both amazing energy sources. Feminine energies harness compassion, calmness, and creativity whereas masculine energies are assertive, decisive, and logical. Learn how to tap into both energy fields by writing down how you typically operate and then write out what you need to tap into more, even if it means going out of your comfort zone, to be more balanced. Then practice it!

2. Set The Intention

The intention is to connect to the counterpart of your stronger energy and finding a balance of your masculine or feminine energy. The intention could be to operate and practice life through this balanced form finding feminine in everyday moments. For me, I need feminine energy in my interactions with my loved ones. The intention could simply be to meet your feminine or masculine, as perhaps you’ve never even noticed this other side.

Whatever your intention for this magical time is, say it, whether out loud, writing it down, or telling someone else. Setting an intention has two purposes: it makes it clear what you are asking for. It also keeps you accountable to yourself and if you forget why you’re even doing this, you can come back to it as a reminder. Secondly, there’s a true power in just acknowledging. It’s the first step to connecting you to your internal source of wholeness.

3. Keep Your Body Clear

Keep your body clean of toxins to help ensure your intention. These nine days and nights is a great time to do a cleanse or detox. I usually give up alcohol and meat for the nine days. You can do it however you like, maybe cut out sugar or carbonated drinks. Hey, its all about baby steps. The purpose of this is to keep your body clear enough so that you can better absorb the new moon energy, which in itself has so many inviting qualities, and is the feminine in form.

4. Listen to Your Intuition

We all have within us a customized guiding system, call it your intuition, your higher self, your gut. Its there to propel you outside of your comfort zone for optimum love and connection, living life to your full potential. Listen to it. It may say, write a blog, or give him a hug, talk to the boss about your idea. Whatever it says, listen to it, hear it, and follow it!

Reshma Patel is a Mind Body Therapist/Coach, with a background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Pelvic Floor specialty and Multiple Certifications in Life Experience! She believes that everything from our thoughts, beliefs, actions and non-actions affect our bodies and spirits. When we can get to these roots of dysfunction that create imbalance in our bodies, we take back our power, our wonder and live to our soul (sole) potential! When she’s not writing or healing, she can be found laughing, reading, yoga-ing and mommy-ing or simply Finding Her Rae.

Want more Rae? Visit her site, I am Rae Fresh.


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