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Disney Partners with Nippon to Bring New Anime

The multimedia industry giant Disney is now looking to delve deeper into the world of anime with the help of Japanese industry giant Nippon.

Disney and Nippon’s Partnership

After the mega-successful crossover of superb Japanese anime directors and the brand of Star Wars, which resulted in ‘Visions’ aptly named as the anime industry’s visionaries were the ones who brought to life this magnificent series.

Disney is looking forward to capturing more of the anime otaku market and it is taking the help of Nippon in doing so.

The two companies in question issue a joint statement through the popular magazine Variety stating the following:

“The collaboration will include co-production of local language content ranging from drama series, animation to variety shows on Disney Plus for both Japanese and global audiences and the availability of both companies’ content on their respective platforms,”

The First Nippon TV Show on Disney+

It seems like The Files of Young Kindaichi, a high school show about solving mysteries and building relations with your classmates which will be getting a live-action treatment will be the first show in the deal between Disney and Nippon TV as it comes to Disney+ in the coming months.

A story about of Kindaichi, a young boy joining a prestigious school and then being invited to a club in the school which investigates the mysterious nature of the school.

With an amazing protagonist and some of the most intuitive side characters in anime, packed with an honest to God mystery keeping you up on your toes about what’s going to happen next in the crazy and often full of surprises, the best choice for the first show to appear on Disney+.

With three seasons and a massive fanbase to boast, The Files of Young Kindaichi seems like a safe and sound choice for Disney to take under its umbrella in the beginning steps of this partnership.

Disney and Nippon TV Statements

Carol Choi, the managing director at Disney broke the news of The Files of Young Kindaichi being streamed on Disney+ by saying,

“As Disney moves into the world of local content production, we are excited to expand our collaboration with Nippon TV Holdings as one of our strategic partners, starting with a very popular title to audiences across Asia Pacific,”

President of Nippon Television, Yoshikuni Sugiyama commented on the partnership by saying,

“Disney is a world leader in entertainment and a long-standing important partner for us. Over the years, we have worked together on many business initiatives. It is an incredible honor to be able to develop our relationship further and join forces to advance our global expansion.”

Nippon TV is a very big streaming service in the East, being the herald of some of the best anime in the past few years, some of them being Ouran High School Host Club and Death Note being just a few of them in a long history of anime on Nippon TV.

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