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‘Dexter’ Revival: John Lithgow will Return as Trinity Killer

So there’s some good news for Dexter fans. You’ve read, the title, as well as the rumors about the Trinity Killer’s arrival, are correct. Well, John Lithgow‘s character, Arthur Mitchell, a.k.a. the Trinity Killer, is returning to Dexter. He’s officially signed on to reprise his role in the upcoming Showtime revival. Lithgow will return and that’s stated by the deadline, though we do not really know how he will come back for the revival. If you’re a supporter, you’ll recall that the actor first appeared on the show in season 4, where he won an Award for his portrayal of “Trinity Killer” Arthur Mitchell. If you haven’t seen it yet, the additional information contains a spoiler.

As previously stated, there is no word about how John Lithgow will return, but following his death by Dexter Morgan in the season four final episode, he doesn’t appear to be truly dead or it could be something else for him coming back to the show. According to Deadline, Lithgow is only anticipated to the movie on sequence for “only a day or so”. Also, considering that Lithgow’s protagonist has already killed, it will be intriguing in seeing how show-runner Clyde Phillips approaches getting him back for the widely anticipated resurgence. I know how interesting it sounds, and the origin story will be fantastic as usual.

Coming As A Cameo Appearance?

Also, viewers should be aware that while the character John Lithgow will return, it will most likely not be for the long term. The character will return for a cameo appearance. This, sadly, means that the famous Trinity Killer is unlikely to play a significant role in the next chapter of the famous Dexter. At the very least, it’s better than nothing. There’s bound to be a great twist now that the Trinity Killer has risen from the dead or something else. Well, it’s true that we don’t know how he’ll return, but we know it’ll be something spectacular. In addition, there has been no word from the showtime about Lithgow’s return.

Meanwhile, Michael C. Hall commented on the latest finale of right, saying that he sympathizes with the disappointed fans. He also mentioned that, while he supported his character’s “choice,” “as far as the execution goes, we were all running on Vapor at that point, so I got it.”

Also, the new Dexter sequence is in its final few weeks of film-making and will premiere in the United States on November 7. The release date in the United Kingdom has yet to be announced, and will be updated to you once it’s confirmed.

“Dexter has what we consider ‘the dark passenger’ living inside him all the time,” executive producer Clyde Phillips mentioned earlier of the revival. In addition, Showtime’s 10-episode Dexter revival is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2021. If you’re a big admirer, I understand how excited you are to see what happens next.

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