South Asian Parents are Glorious Champions at Being Extra

April 25, 2021 Editorial     TheTealMango

South Asian parents are a really unique breed of their own. They do everything in one mode: extra.

So the love and generosity is overboard, for sure, as is the expert advice they offer you. Can’t blame them for their perspective, it’s how desi parents have been raised. At the same time, our wonderful millennial generation doesn’t like to be told what to do. It’s a fine line with them but we’ve learned how to balance.

8 Unique Things You Learn from South Asian Parents

They may be proficient at giving constant advice but let’s face it, no parents are like desi parents. They’ve mastered the art of being coy and taunting while at the same time, going exceptionally out of the way to fulfill all our needs. Whew. Here are some of the common things every South Asian kid has been told over and over. Are we right or are we right?

1. “No boyfriend until marriage”

In most cases, South Asian parents will tell you this by giving an example of a cautionary tale of some cousin or friend. It’s best to stick with actors as crushes instead of living, breathing humans. And if you’re a young woman, you shouldn’t date but in the interim you should learn to cook for your future husband and in-laws.

2. What are you if not a “doctor,” “engineer,” or “lawyer”

Career choices are a hot topic for desi parents. And not just any careers, you guys. It has to be one of the above or else be prepared to be the biggest disappointment of your clan. Luckily, with these changing times, parents are getting more accustomed to the idea that an artist or journalist or designer are equally great career paths. Slowly but surely.

3. Tutoring may not get you good grades but almonds and spoonfuls of yogurt will

God forbid you to step out of the house before an exam or interview without digging into those almonds or dahi aka yogurt. They’re responsible for the excellent scores or that job you’ve got. Yes, more than the hard work you’ve put in.

4. You can never study enough

Desi parents automatically assume their child’s brain is and endless pit that can collect and retain all the information there is. And even that may not be enough. The plus side is you’re probably going to end up as the smartest kid on the block.

5. Violence and gore are totally okay in films. But one kissing scene…

Watching any movie with your South Asian family is always a gamble. Desi parents don’t care as much if you watch bloody scenes or murder on-screen.  But as soon as two actors gaze lovingly into one another’s eyes and move towards each other, parents will begin shifting in their seats, creating all the awkwardness. They’ll cover up the sex scenes by going to the bathroom or talking about a random topic.

6. Whatsapp is their friend and your foe

They’ll never tire of sending you a dozen “where are you” messages back to back. They’re doing it out of worry to make sure you’re not getting pregnant or being kidnapped. Understandable.

7. Goodbyes at parties last longer than a Kim Kardashian’s marriage

Not only do desi parents drag you to boring af social events but when it’s time to finally leave, they begin saying their goodbyes to every. single. person. in the room. It takes forever. And that’s just when you thought you wouldn’t have to listen to any more aunty’s bringing up your weight or marriage.

8. Desi parents are the real deal 

Technicalities and quirks aside, your desi parents have gigantic hearts filled with all kinds of mush. They’re truly boss.


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