Deepica Mutyala has built a successful YouTube channel and it looks like her mother is following in her footsteps! Mutyala’s mom, Padmasri, has begun releasing cooking videos on her “Mama Pandu” YouTube channel.

From the look of it, the proud momma began making videos to help daughter Deepica learn to cook. Instead of just telling her over the phone, it was more effective to teach Deepica the steps via video. Now, Padmasri has kindly decided to share her easy to follow videos with the rest of us confused kids away from home so we, too, don’t have to pine for mom’s cooking and live off of takeout.

Deepica’s fans may remember Mama Pandu from their many collaborations on her channel. Padmasri has been featured doing Deepica’s makeup, teaching us the many uses of ghee, and even some cooking videos like how to make dosa.

In each video, she shows us how to make a dish Deepica has requested. She breaks down desi mom cooking with accurate measurements and her personal tips on how to make the get the dish right every time. She began posting her cooking videos about 9 months ago and though she’s not consistent and doesn’t have too many videos up, we’re loving the videos she does have.

From the kitchen of Mama Pandu:

1FINALLY, the secret to authentic, mom-made chicken curry

2Livin’ that curd life

3Mama Pandu breaks down Ramen, desi mom style

4To dhal or not to dhal, that is the question

5Get healthy with Momma Pandu’s fruit juice

6Shrimp curry made easy


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