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Danielle Bernstein, Founder of WeWoreWhat faces Backlash for Bikini Post

Danielle Bernstein is a 28-year influencer, better known as the founder of the brand ‘WeWoreWhat’, has recently come under fire for taking advantage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict to promote her brand and image.

Who is Danielle Bernstein?

But you might be wondering who is Danielle Bernstein and how did she come to be one of the biggest names in the fashion industry?

The Mega-Influencer started her journey when she was just 18-years old and an aspiring fashion critic. She started with a student-run blog when she was attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and since then the sky has been the only limit.

Bernstein’s blog was about the different New-York street styles, which helped her to gain an honest following. Currently, she has 2.6 Million followers on Instagram alone and it is only growing relentlessly Danielle Berstein’s net worth is somewhere around the seven figures.

Berstein’s rise to fame included a hefty amount of fashion brands, multiple collaborations with major designers in the industry and even a New Yorkย Timesย bestseller. She has been a part of the esteemedย Forbesย list ’30 under 30′.

Insensitive Post

She is famous for the amount of controversy she gets herself in, whether it be stealing from small brands on Instagram or enjoying a vacation in the pandemic without taking any precautions.

But the recent post that she has posted on Instagram just might be the worst of all her incentive crimes in the eyes of people.

In the post, she mentioned that her company, WeWoreWhat is releasing a brand new swimsuit line that will give out donations to the people who are helping Ukraine survive the war condition.

The post is a very straightforward attempt at cashing on the Russia-Ukraine situation that is moving to a very deadly and harsh reality that we are living in right now. And the internet has more than a few words to say.

Reaction on Twitter

People on Twitter are the first ones to call out celebrities for their wrong and misguided actions and in the case of Danielle, this rings true every time.

‘…no brain cells and I have never seen anything more tone deaf’ is what one person on Twitter commented.

This shows that the cancel culture that celebrities despise so much is not only vocal about gossip or chatter but also calls out famous people trying to take advantage of the direst situations in the world.

Danielle’s Reaction

The 28-year old influencer reflected upon her decision to promote her brand but not in the way that people expected.

Just hours later, it became clear that Bernstein had noticed the backlash that she was receiving over the internet and decided to change the caption, but it seems like she doesn’t get the internet’s reaction clearly.

She changed the caption of her post to make it sound more empathetic towards the situation in Ukraine and make it seem like the work that WeWoreWhat has always been working towards philanthropic activities, while the truth is as black as a dark night.

Also, she has confirmed that the swimsuit line has been delayed, the reason is not mentioned in the Instagram story that she posted but it is speculated that she is waiting for the controversy to die down a little in the meantime.

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