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Coca-Cola And Pepsi Are Facing Boycotts Due To Their Ongoing Russian Business

Following an attack by Russian forces in Ukraine, a lot of things happened. And there’s something that’s hard for individuals to understand.

This type of news is likely to be seen on social media on a regular basis these days. A lot has been going on lately. Wars are raging all over the globe. But a lot of companies are also facing difficulties.

Hazardous acts are being committed; not only the presidents, but both countries are battling and acting against one another.

While this Russia & Ukraine war is going on, a new thing has come up. People have recently voted to boycott Coca-Cola. You might be wondering how all of this relates to Coca-Cola.

But there’s a reason for it, which we’ll explain to you right now. The understanding behind this boycott can be confusing, let’s get into that.

Boycott Coca Cola Is Trending On Twitter

Following all of this, a substantial number of businesses began to boycott Russia and Belarus.

But in this boycott stuff, Ukraine is boycotting the products of the American company Coca-Cola Co. and also removed from sale by Ukrainian retail chains.

You’re probably wondering why America’s product? Because the company Coca Cola are continuing their activity in the Russian Federation’s market, which the Ukrainians didn’t like, And even a large number of people from across the world.

Since then, a lot of individuals are tweeting everywhere with the hashtag Boycott Coca Cola.

As a result, the stores will no longer sell Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Schweppes carbonated beverages, BonAqua mineral water, FuzeTea iced tea, Rich juices, Monster Energy Drink, and Burn energy drinks.

Three major Ukrainian supermarket chains have launched a boycott of Coca-Cola products in response to the company’s refusal to halt selling in Russia, effectively sanctioning Putin’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine.

What Did ‘Novus’ Say About This?

Novus is a rapidly expanding national supermarket chain that is Ukraine’s most innovative and forward-thinking food retailer.

Novus business development is divided into three areas: stores, distribution, and import. This is how the business grows. In 2009, the first supermarket, NOVUS, opened its doors.

“Our supermarket chain no longer cooperates with the Coca-Cola company, which continues to operate in the territory of the aggressor. We are abandoning all products belonging to the brand,” the Novus supermarket chain posted on Facebook on Friday.

Since this news, #BoycottCocaCola is trending everywhere.

Tweets About People Voting To Boycott Coca Cola

A lot of individuals are demanding to boycott Coca-Cola.

People have decided to boycott Coca-Cola until they stop doing business with Russia.

People are spreading the news.

People are asking to retweet it.

Here’s a list of products that are being boycotted.

People refused to buy the products.

Russia And Ukraine War

Before ending the piece here’s a little about what’s happening. It all began when Russia launched a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, it marked a significant escalation in a conflict that began in 2014.

The invasion was termed the largest conventional military strike on Europe since World War II by several officials and commentators.

Russia’s Federation Council unanimously approved the use of armed force on February 21, 2022, and Russian forces entered both areas.

Putin announced a ‘special military operation’ to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine on February 24.

Minutes later, missiles struck targets all around Ukraine, including the capital, Kyiv. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, has declared martial law and ordered a nationwide mobilization.

The invasion drew considerable international condemnation, including increased sanctions against Russia, which sparked a financial crisis in the country.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the invasion triggered a refugee crisis across Europe, with over one million Ukrainians fleeing the nation in the very first week.

Pepsi, like Coca-Cola, has been urged to boycott. The company is likely to face a huge loss in the coming days. What are your thoughts about this boycott of Coca-Cola? Don’t forget to type in your answer in the comments section below.

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