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Chris Rock’s Brother Kenny Rock Challenges Will Smith into the Boxing Ring

It appears that the Chris Rock and Will Smith Oscar incident won’t find its grave this year. As one controversy ends, another pops up out of nowhere. This time, it’s no troll because Chris Rock’s brother Kenny Rock has challenged Will for a boxing match.

The Florida Fight

If you think that the 58-year-old comedian has accepted Will’s apology at the Oscars, you may be wrong. Chris’ younger brother Kenny Rock revealed that he wants to fight Will on behalf of his brother in a boxing match.

The Coincidental Killer has sighed a deal with Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman for a fight in Florida this summer. Interestingly, he cannot find anyone better than Will Smith. Well, he has his reasons.

Kenny Rock was asked if Chris Rock and Will Smith should face each other in the ring. Kenny subtly replied, “No, they shouldn’t. But I should get in the ring with Will Smith.” Yes, you heard it right. The Rock brother is not over that Oscar night.

Kenny also stated that Chris is doing great after the slapping incident but hasn’t accepted Will’s apology for the unacceptable behaviour at this year’s Oscar awards. The Oscar-winning actor, however, hasn’t responded to Kenny’s challenge.

Kenny even posted a quote on Instagram “Don’t judge my choices when you don’t know my reasons.” Fans are connecting this post with his new challenge. One fan commented that “Humor runs in yall family obviously! I hope it runs in my family.” 

Chris’ brothers stand by him

The 42-year-old actor had previously displayed his anger and supported his brother. He suggested that Will Smith’s oscar should be taken away over Will Smith and said that his Oscar should be taken away. He even said that the Academy was not prompt in its actions.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kenny stated that his brother was unaware of Jada’s medical condition before he made the joke about her being bald. He said that “It wasn’t hilariously funny, but I know that if he knew that she had alopecia … he wouldn’t make a joke about that. But he didn’t know.” Nevertheless, he did stand by his brother’s joke.

Not just this, Chris Rock’s other brother, Tony Rock called Will Smith’s wife Jada a B**** during his “No Remorse Comedy Tour”. The stand-up comedian even said that Will Smith was manipulated by Jada to slap Chris as she gave him a side-eye. Many fans supported this statement.

As for Kenny’s challenge, if we look at their strength and physique, it is obvious that Will Smith has an upper hand over Kenny considering his height and the fact that he trained hard during his role as Muhammad Ali on the big screen.

On the other hand, Kenny has the strength of brotherhood and is confident that he could score a victory. We don’t know if Will Smith will accept this challenge or not, because he has been quiet since the scandal and his ban from the Academy. If this fight happens, who are you going to support?

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