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BTS’ Jin Launches his Merch ”Pajamas”; Here’s How To Buy Them

And now we can literally jump in BTS Pajamas!

BTS Jin is on fire! What a brilliant start to the new year though! Aren’t we all curious to figure out the fashion sense of the very popular BTS?

To be absolutely honest, the entire world is a fan of BTS’s music. Moreover, they are also vividly popular for their award-winning performances. In addition to that, their ”style” deserves a chef’s kiss.

They can pull anything so diligently and we are not surprised.

So coming back to Jin who is releasing his own merch precisely, pajamas is ready to be on sale. Yuhu!

Questions? Allow me to answer them!

Where can you buy the merch? What is the release date? And more!

Jin is a man of style. He is capable of pulling off any style and HOW! He indeed is a charming man and to everyone’s surprise, he looks charming even if he is wrapped in casual pajamas.

Fans of Jin and the BTS army have always swamped Twitter asking him about his pajamas.

Maybe that gave Jin reason enough to confront the army and share every little detail about his upcoming merch.

Jin is releasing his Merch on…

Excited, are you?

The BTS Merch will release on 4th January 2022 at 11 AM KST.

The Jin merch has two categories and you can pick the one that is desirable to your heart.

“Good Day” is what the first one is being referred to and the available color is “light blue”

“Bad Day” pajamas, the second one, will be available in “black” color.

Want a look? Here you go.

Tiny Tan Jin is seen wearing both pajamas. When you look at it, the pajamas are cute and adorable. The “pockets” on these make it a must-have.

How To Buy These BTS’ Jin “Pajamas”?

Boys and girls, if you wish to get your hands on the “pajamas”, you can buy them from the Weverse Shop.

Download the app or simply visit the website to book one of that merch for yourself.

Jin and other members of BTS have already done their best to create and raise awareness. They have prepared a Weverse video wearing and flaunting the pajamas.

Click here and watch the video

In addition to the pajamas, fans can also buy Good Day and Bad Day pillows. Right now, the price of the merch isn’t disclosed.

Fans Want the Merch!

BTS Fans and ARMY are going gaga and are dancing on the roof now that they officially have Jin’s merchandise.

The BTS Army is going crazy on social media. Jin’s fans can’t wait to get their hands on the merch.

One of the fans mentioned, “What is amazing about this merch is that, the ‘truth’ that there are always Good & Bad days in our lives, not always good. But it does not mean that bad day can’t be this cute.”

Another comment read, “Seokjin is such a talented creator! He once again created something that will be loved by many people!” While fans are excited about the new merch, they are also wondering where to buy them.


Clearly, fans can’t contain their excitement. What about you?

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