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BTS Announce Next Tour: Seoul in March 2022

BTS fans in Seoul will now have a reason to rejoice as their favorite Korean boy band is all set to treat them with their live stage performance in Seoul in 2022!

Korean Pop sensation, BTS has made the announcement that the band is all set to return to the stage to perform in front of a live audience in Seoul, Korea in 2022.

After a gap of almost two years, due to the restrictions imposed by governments all across the world to control the spread of Coronavirus, BTS is excited to perform in Seoul next year.

BTS announces “Permission To Dance On Stage” Seoul Tour 2022

The announcement was made by the group from their official Twitter handle on 3rd December with the caption: “See you in Seoul, MARCH 22.” The tweet received over 686,000 likes and was retweeted 248,000 times.

Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Seoul will be held next year in March.

The news about their upcoming concert was disclosed on the last day of four days long BTS concert in Los Angeles. BTS’ Permission To Dance On Stage Concert in Los Angeles was a huge success where more than 200,000 fans attended to see them perform live.

BTS team said that they are looking forward to seeing their fans at the upcoming concert in Seoul, South Korea.

Fans of BTS also called ARMY members are equally excited to attend the mega show and flooded Twitter with their comments.

There is speculation by some fans that the K-pop boys might come up with the release of a new album next month in January 2022 just before the Seoul concert.

Some fans also wondered if this is the start of their 2022 world tour plan.

One Twitter user said, “Wait.. Okay so you guys know how BTS basically said its only the beginning? So they’re starting concerts (maybe tour) in march again, what if they do the places from the cancelled MOTS tour? It would start with Seoul again”.

During a press conference just before their concert in the US, Kim Tae-Hyung known by his stage name “V”, who is the vocalist of the group while speaking about their North American concert said, “I’m thrilled we can finally have an in-person concert after two years of waiting. With the life we took for granted gone, the two years leading up to this point have been an extremely sad and difficult time for us, but I’m really looking forward to today’s concert and we put in a lot of practice for it. So now I’m full to the brim with excitement. I want to give ARMY and reporters happy vibes.”

BTS’ Permission to Dance On Stage Concert was held at SoFi stadium (Inglewood) in Los Angeles, California in between November 27, 2021 to December 2, 2021.

We will be updating you with more details about the upcoming BTS’ Seoul Tour 2022. Stay tuned!

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  1. 사랑해요 BTS and I’m so excited for the next life on said in March 12
    This announcement made me floating in my dreams some really really waiting for this concert and want to see BTS in a new look
    보라 해 방탄소년단💜


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