When they created the “Brown in the South” Supper Series earlier this year, a group of some of the most high-profile Indian restaurateurs in the United States pledged to “showcase the culture, culinary heritage, and cooking styles of these celebrated chefs, while keeping the focus on southern ingredients and uniquely southern themes.”

The group — which includes chefs Vishwesh Bhatt, Maneet Chauhan, Asha Gomez, Meherwan Irani and Cheetie Kumar — recently announced that the supper series would return on August 13. As they did with the earlier event, the chefs will be tasked with creating an Indian meal around a theme (in this case “Indian Summer”) while also centering the dishes around ingredients native to the American South.

Irani, who is the founder of Chai Pani in Asheville, NC, told Food and Wine that the original idea for ‘Brown in the South’ came about while talking to fellow chef Bhatt about identity, cooking, and what it means to be an Indian chef in the Southern United States.

“We wondered if a time would come where we saw ourselves less as Indians that happened to live and cook in the South, but more as Southerners that happened to be of Indian origin,” said Irani. “It may seem like a subtle distinction, but it felt big to us.”

Funds from ‘Brown in the South’ will go to the Southern Foodways Alliance, which is part of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. The alliance’s focus is to study and highlight the changing culinary trends in the South.

To purchase tickets for the next ‘Brown in the South’ event, head here. As an added bonus, the meal will be followed by a Bollywood dance party.

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