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Britney Spears Says Mom Lynne Once Slapped her for Partying Late Until 4 A.M.

Not long ago, the pop star Britney Spears dropped some truth bombs on the social networking platform Instagram! In her latest Instagram post, the Baby One More Time singer talked about her mom Lynne Spears.

Britney alleged that at one point back in the day, her mom Lynne Spears hit her hard for partying till late at night. Continue reading further to learn what did Britney had to say about her mother Lynne.

Britney Spears has claimed her mom Lynne once hit her hard for partying till 4 a.m.

On Tuesday, Britney Spears took to her Instagram and alleged that her mom Lynne once slapped her “so hard” for partying late at night. In her recent Instagram post, she talked about the incident in detail.

Britney wrote, “I swear I’ve never slapped anyone my whole life !!! I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO SEE WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE … JUST SAYING 🤷🏼‍♀️ !!! The first time I ever got slapped was the one night Paris and Lindsay dropped me off at my beach house with my babies !!! Kevin left me at that point, so I had a small beach house and my mother was watching Jayden and Preston.”
She further added, “yes I partied till like 4am and my mother was PISSED !!!! I walked in she looked at me and slapped me so hard that I will never forget it !!! Psss since then I’ve always wondered what it must feel like to slap someone … GUESS I WILL NEVER KNOW !!!! Stay classy folks !!! This was all 15 years ago … I mean we’ve all grown up since then !!!”

Britney Spears’ mom Lynne previously apologized to her on Instagram

Lynne Spears dropped a comment on her daughter Britney Spears’ Instagram post on Saturday. In the lengthy Instagram post, the Hold Me Closer singer said, “a genuine apology would help give [her] closure” in their family feud.

Lynne wrote, “I am soooo sorry for your pain! I have been sorry for years! I love you so much and miss you!” She further added, “Britney, deep down you know how much I love and miss you! I apologize for anything and everything that’s hurt you!”

Britney Spears lashed out at her mom Lynne Spears over her apology

The Princess of Pop bashed her mom Lynne Spears over her apology on the social media platform Instagram. She told her mother Lynne Spears, to “go f–k” herself after she issued an apology to the pop star.
In an Instagram post, Britney wrote, “Not one mother f–king person stood up for me !!! Mom take your apology and go f–k yourself !!! And to all the doctors for f–king with my mind … I pray you all burn in hell !!! Kiss my mother f–king ass 😊 !!!!”

Do you think rock star Britney Spears and her mom Lynne Spears will ever be on good terms in the times to come? Kindly let us know your thoughts on the mother-daughter duo in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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