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Bobby Shmurda’s Six Year in Prison: Smoked Weed, Made New Music and Had Oral Sex

Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda spent six years in prison but kept his career alive. He got back to his hip-hop grind as soon as he was out. In a recent interview with Variety, Bobby openly claims that he smoked weed and had oral sex while behind bars, with some of the officers turning a blind eye to it. Read on to learn all about it.

The Craziest Times In Prison…

It has been over a year since Bobby Shmurda was released from prison after spending six years behind bars on conspiracy to murder and weapons possession charges. The rapper, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, was sentenced to six years for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons possession in 2014. It was the time when his viral single “Hot N—a” was rocking the world.

To provide an insight into his time in the system, the Brooklyn-based rapper sat down with “Variety” and recounted some of the craziest things he did while incarcerated. When asked what stuck out most to him, he debated between “the riots or the sex on the visits,” the latter of which he said was solely oral sex.

Shmurda said, “I mean, sometimes.” About being caught by the guards, he added, “some of them wouldn’t care, they’d be like [shrugs]. Some would be like [in deep voice], ‘Ackquille Pollard! Chill, hold it down, son! What the fuck you doing?! This girl right here, both of y’all get the fuck out!’”

Bobby Shmurda has been open about avoiding sex. In November, he took to Twitter and proclaimed that he needed sex therapy, saying, “I need to be stopped.” The following month, the rapper said in an interview that he started practising celibacy for “like a month” after throwing away his old phone and buying a new device.

“You can’t be playing with people’s feelings like that,” he said of his decision to avoid having sex. “Real shit, every time you feel you get mad or something…Listen, [it’s] better than drugs, you know. Better than drugs and shooting people in the streets.”

Bobby Made Killers Dance…




When asked, “Were you dancing in jail?”, Bobby smiled and replied, “Everywhere. I made killers dance. I make everybody dance with everybody. ’ll play all types of music: Spanish music, pop music, Jamaican music. I do everything but country and rock. I can’t really get into country and rock too much. Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, jazz, I like.”

Shmurda also admitted to Variety that there were moments in jail when he felt defeated. “All the times when I was fighting police, that’s when I felt defeated. I didn’t feel defeated… well, defeated, yeah,” he recalled. “Because when I fight police, I used to be on some ‘fuck everything’ shit. When someone makes me errrr, I want to hurt somebody. Those days, yeah, I felt defeated.” 

Bobby also acknowledged jail wasn’t always bad. He remembers sharing the occasional laugh with people, and smoking weed since he “ain’t got nothing else to do.” Not only this, but he also spoke about his time in the psych ward at the age of 16. He said:

“I was going to the doctor and evaluations from second grade until I was 16. ADHD, ADD. They tried to put me on pills but my mom’s West Indian, so they not with none of that shit. “He needs an ass whooping, sit him down.” After that, I started smoking weed — it’s crazy, but it calmed me down. When I smoke weed, I’m like this. [Sits still.] If I don’t smoke weed.

I’m like “AHHH!” Tasmanian [devil]. The last time I’ve been to the psych ward was 16 or 17. I tried to burn the place down because security didn’t want to let me out. I was in juvenile and they wouldn’t let me out. These were some big motherfuckers. Every time the needle came out, I shut the fuck up. “I’m sorry!”

Bobby Kept His Career Alive…

Six years in jail is a very long time and surely calls for a downfall. But in Bobby Shmurda’s case, things have been different. If we keep aside his cool claims about his gala jail time, one noteworthy thing is that the rapper managed to keep his career alive. For instance, he completed his deal with Epic Records and went straight into the studio upon his release.

Since then, he’s dropped the singles “No Time to Sleep,” “Shmoney” featuring Quavo and Rowdy Rebel, “They Don’t Know,” and most recently “Gettin’ Em Back” — and has a new EP and full-length album on tap.

If we talk about his success, Bobby Shmurda is considered a pioneer of Brooklyn drill music. He rose to international fame in 2014 when his song “Hot Nigga” peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. Shmurda was released in February 2021 under the supervision of fellow community members in Kings County, New York. He will be under parole until the end of his full sentence on February 23, 2026.

Bobby Shmurda presently has greater than 5.7 million followers on Instagram. If you don’t know, Bobby’s father has been in jail since the time he was born. Nowadays, Shmurda is focused on helping out his father as he tries to appeal his 120-year sentence for “some shit he ain’t do,” saying, “We’re just praying to hear some good news. He’s been down for 27 years, he’s been down since I was born.” 

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