Quite the cosmic event occurred today, a true rarity if you will. Not only was there a blue blood moon, but also a lunar eclipse and super moon. The last time all three converged at the same time was 152 years ago.

We figured a lot of inexplicable things will be going on today with the Moon having a rare sky orgy or whatever hashtag science wants to impress upon us.

I rather selfishly hope more out of the ordinary things take place today in my favor, you know, occurrences that might only happen “once in a blue moon” with a little nudge from the astronomical trifecta. Ideally, these things would happen all the time but I’m not naive to think miracles happen. Blue moons, on the other hand, do.

Here is my Blue Moon wishlist:

1I won’t be told to smile. Help me, Blue Moon!

Image courtesy The Pakistani Martha Stewart

2When I see my mom, she won’t tell me how moti I’ve become, but in the next breath yell at me for not eating the oil-laden, multi-course meal she’s cooked for me.

Image courtesy BuzzFeed India

3When I see my relatives or any community elders later today, I won’t be asked why I’m not married/with child/lighter/brighter/successful/more religious.

4And it’ll take a Blue Moon for me to exercise…some modicum of moderation with mittai.

Image courtesy Hatecopy

6And lo! Maybe BM will really pull astronomical strings and my eyebrows will look like identical twins instead of fraternal twins, or hell, distant cousins.

7And BM will maybe maybe make it so that my course AF desi hair won’t grow back the nano-second after being shaved/plucked/waxed

Image courtesy Hatecopy

8And you know, since the Blue Moon will be granting random services, maybe the doodh for my chai won’t boil over the only second I look away.

Hey, all these things COULD happen…once in a blue moon.

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