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Author Susan Meachen Reveals She Is Alive After Appearing To Commit Suicide Years Ago

Two years after she was supposed to have committed suicide, a romance writer appears to have announced that she is alive and well.

This week, Susan Meachen returned to social media following the announcement of her death in an October 2020 Facebook post in what appears to be a bid to gain attention.

Since Late 2020, Meachen’s Online Followers Believed She Was Dead

Susan Meachen has returned to Facebook after announcing her death on her page more than two years ago to reveal she is still alive and well.

In a report by Insider and Rolling Stone, Meachen’s online friends and followers believed she had died in late 2020 when someone claiming to be her daughter posted the news on Facebook under her name, according to Insider and Rolling Stone. Since then, the post has been removed from the website.

There was a claim that Meachen’s death was caused by bullying and harassment from other members of her book community, according to the person who made a claim. As a result of her struggles with her career, Meachen had posted a lengthy message about a suicide attempt just weeks earlier.

As a result, Meachen has been sharing posts on her Facebook page about suicide prevention and promoting her work since then. As long as fans of the page believed that her daughter wrote the posts, they did not have a valid claim to fame.

“I missed it, but Happy Heavenly Birthday,” Meachen’s friend Kristen Collins wrote on the Facebook page dedicated to her on February 20, 2021. “I know you’re finally dancing in Heaven with peace in your heart.” This is her final book, which will be published in October 2020, entitled Love to Last a Lifetime.

It Seems Like Late Susan Meachen Is Still Alive And Well Today

There was a stir in the writer’s community on Facebook when Meachen, apparently alive, posted a message that she was active in the private writer’s group The Ward. A screenshot of a post was shared in a tweet by Twitter user @Draggerofliars on Tuesday, revealing that the post had been amended.

According to Meachen’s post, she wrote: “I debated on how to do this a million times and still not sure if it’s right. There’s going to be tons of questions and a lot of people leaving the group I’d guess. But my family did what they thought was best for me and I can’t fault them for it. I almost died again at my own hand and they had to go through all that hell again. Returning to The Ward doesn’t mean much but I am in a good place now and I am hoping to write again. Let the fun begin.”

As a result of the news, there has been a massive uproar in the romance community. As a result of USA TODAY’s social media campaigns and email outreach, Meachen has been contacted.

What Is Susan Meachen’s Background, And What Are Her Writings About?

A self-proclaimed “Author of Perfectly Flawed Romances,” Meachen’s novels range from romance to erotic suspense and include independent titles such as “Chance Encounter,” “Special Delivery,” and “Losing Him & Finding You.”

In her Amazon author bio, she states, “I’ve been an avid reader as far back as I can recall it was a lifeline to transport me from dark moments in life. I’m a wife, mom, meme, and friend. I live in the Southeastern corner of Tennessee with my husband of 24 years with our two cats and our four snakes. If you don’t see me running around online, I’m normally off creating a world for others to enjoy.”

After the announcement of her death in October 2020, one of her last books, “Love to Last a Lifetime,” was published shortly after her death. In the story, a man born rich and famous falls for his best friend’s girlfriend.

Despite this, the majority of people are not accepting it. This is because it is such an unprecedented act of insanity for Susan Meachen to fake her death and then wander blithely back online just because she kept getting bored that most people were not accepting it. Can you tell me what you think about the act that she and her family committed? We would like to hear your opinion. Please share it with us.

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