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Adele’s “30” Becomes The Fastest-Selling Album of 2021 In US and UK

Adele, the famous British singer, has made yet another record-breaking comeback with her latest album “30”. Released last week on 19th November it has now claimed the title of fastest-selling album of 2021 on either side of Atlantic i.e. both in the US and UK.

This is the fourth studio album of London-born star that became the most successful album of 2021 in the US within merely three days post its release as per the MRC data reported by Billboard.

The album sold more than 660,000 copies that include both audio/video streaming and individual track sales.

Adele’s “30” Becomes the fastest-selling album of the year in US and UK

Adele’s “30” has received the strongest opening week for any female solo album in recent times. Her previous studio album 25 was released six years back in 2015.

Adele said that her latest album 30 is an endeavor to make her none-year-old son Angelo understand her divorce from her husband.

According to official charts, Adele has made it to the number one spot in the albums chart in the UK with approximate sales of 261,000 copies registered in the first week itself. The UK has witnessed such a phenomenal response 4 years back when Ed Sheeran’s “Divide” (÷) album was released in 2017.

As per Official Charts, Adele is the only female artist with three or more studio albums to reach the top slot and now she has further cemented her position with her fourth release “30”.

Adele’s third studio album, “25” released back in 2015 happened to be the fastest-selling album of all time in both the US as well as the UK. Around 800,000 copies of the “25” album were sold in the UK while 3.3 million copies were sold in the US.

The album’s lead single “Easy on Me” is at number one position on the UK singles chart for the sixth consecutive week. It broke the record for most streams in a single week post its release.

The impressive sales growth reflects Adele’s love of conventional methods of listening to music. There were more than 560,000 units of traditional album sales in the US alone while 67% of her total sales were physical sales in the UK.

Even though she has restrained herself from streaming in the recent past, she now seems to be comfortable with the idea of streaming even though there is a risk of lower physical sales.

Mark Mulligan, music industry analyst said, “Success may be more about whether, two months down the line, we still have memes flooding TikTok and James Corden doing skits. This will say as much about how the world is responding to her music than how many streams she clocks up.”

Adele’s “30” has got widespread acclaim from critics as well. In an interview given to American Vogue magazine in October 2021, Adele said, “The album is my way of explaining her divorce to her son and was very close to her heart and not letting go of this one.”

Enjoy the “Easy on Me” song below:

“Easy On Me” now becomes the longest-running chart-topper for Adele.

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