It’s the video that’s lighting up social media feeds everywhere.

Activist and writer Ash Sarkar got into a heated exchange with host Piers Morgan when she appeared on the talk show “Good Morning Britain” on Thursday, July 12, to discuss President Donald Trump’s current trip to London and the protests surrounding it. As Morgan repeatedly talked over Sarkar and accused her of not protesting against “your hero, Obama,” Sarkar took a breath and did something both magnificent and memorable.

“I’m a communist, you idiot,” she snapped at Morgan on air. She also repeatedly accused Morgan of misrepresenting her work and history of activism. We’ve rounded up some things readers should know about her below.

She has no regrets about that viral moment

As her appearance on “Good Morning Britain” continued to go viral, Sarkar was asked about her remarks during an appearance on the radio show “Democracy Now.” Host Amy Goodman wanted to know whether she regretted her choice of words to Morgan.

“I mean, where’s the lie, Amy? The man’s a buffoon. I actually went on to talk a bit about Trump’s policy,” she said, going on to detail her views on the impact of those policies on the United Kingdom today while also comparing Morgan to “a particularly belligerent walrus.”

“And hopefully you’ll forgive me for losing my patience a bit and calling him an idiot, and also taking him to task for his own, you know, weak-sauce interviewing of Trump,” she continued. “He had an opportunity to hold him to account, and he didn’t.”

She’s a regular presence on British news

A senior editor at the left-wing site Novara Media, Sarkar is also a lecturer in political theory at Anglia Ruskin University and the Sandberg Instituut. In recent years, she has also become a popular commentator on politics on British television, becoming known for what The Times of London called her “inimitable brand of sass.”

The Times also reports that when Sarkar was once asked by a Tory member of Parliament if there were any British traditions she didn’t denigrate, she famously replied that she liked crisp sandwiches.

She has often called on Britain to confront its colonial history

In a piece for The Guardian in honor of the 100th anniversary of when many women in Britain got the right to vote, Sarkar wrote that the suffragist movement was only a small part of the women’s rights movement in the early 20th century.

“My great-great-aunt was a terrorist….Pritilata Waddedar was an active participant in armed struggle against the British state,” she wrote. “She supplied explosives. She fired a gun. And I’m proud of it.”

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