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‘Abow’ Viral Tiktok Song Meaning Explained

It is a known thing to all of us that every now and then something or the other keeps trending on social media.

And of course, TikTok is one such popular video-sharing social media app that has been witnessing some of the bizarre trends as well as popping up some of the weird terms.

If you are an active TikTok user, you might have come across the word ‘Abow’ trending on TikTok.

Wondering what “Abow” means? Well, we are here to decode what it actually means and why is it the latest trend on TikTok. Read on!

Why is “Abow” viral on TikTok and what does it mean?

One can find a huge list of weird words in the world of TikTok as it has its own vocabulary that is tough to keep up with what exactly do the words mean. One such word is “Abow” which is going viral now.

There are a number of slang terms like ‘Cheugy’, ‘heather’, ‘simp’, ‘bussin’ among others that keep making rounds on the platform each day.

What is the meaning of “Abow”?

Actually, the slang word “Abow” means simply “wow” or “damn” which is an informal way of expressing sudden surprise or bewilderment.

The origin of this word is from the Arabic language as per Urban Dictionary. However, it is also used frequently in the Northern European country Sweden, and the American state of Milwaukee.

A simple example of this word in a sentence will be like, “Hey, Did you see the game last evening? Abow it was insane.”

Here is where the word “Abow” comes from?

The lyrics of the song “Throw It Back” by artists ShantiiP and TarioP made a mention of the catchy word “Abow” whose lyrics are: “He told me throw it back abow”. This is how the term “Abow” has started to go viral.

If you too are curious to listen to the song, here it is!

Last month on 27th December the song was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of TarioP which was viewed by more than 160,000 people in a short span of fewer than two weeks.

In 2020, rapper 810Smoke’s song “Blow The Whistle” also featured the word “Abow”.

Atlanta-based rapper 810Smoke is presently signed to LBM Records and there are more than 10,000 TikTok videos that feature his song track in them.

“Abow” goes viral on TikTok

There is no particular TikTok dance pertaining to the “Abow” songs, however many users have uploaded their lip-syncing videos to the song along with Abow word. As such, “Abow” has gone viral on TikTok.

Twitter reactions on “Abow” viral trend on TikTok

Even users on the social media platform Twitter have started discussing this new slang.

One user tweeted, “why is ABOW stuck in my vocab already?”, whereas another user tweeted by writing, “That ABOW song has been stuck in my head for 2 days.”

In the last few years because of the exponential user growth witnessed on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc, a number of new words or phrases have made their way into the world’s vocabulary.

Have you also been part of this weird yet catchy “Abow” viral trend on TikTok? Do share with us in our comments section below!

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  1. The expression abow actually comes from the arab word. The definition is correct but is used in those parts of the world because the arab speaking people in that area use it


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