8 Elephant Cakes Almost too Gorgeous to eat

Desis love a good, opulent celebration be it weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. A reoccurring theme in many modern-day desi parties is to have elephant cakes. No highly defensive people, I don’t mean cakes made from elephants. Rather, a cake with elephant accents, embellishments, and topper; or whole cakes structured in a shape of an elephant! This makes sense since Indians hold a great reverence for elephants and their depiction in art and culture usually connote wisdom and good luck. And in Hindu iconography-with the obvious deity of Ganesh aside- elephants also have attributes of divinity.

Gorgeous Elephant Cakes

These elephant cakes are certainly divine with the bright colors, mastery of form, and artfulness borderline otherworldly. They are almost, almost too gorgeous to eat but hey, who am I to say no to divinity? Check out some of my favorites!

11. ‘I Feel Like A Shitty Wife’ Cake

Created by Heather Barranco Dreamcakes, this elephant cake was created as a groom’s cake. This is making me feel pretty shitty about the groom’s cake I had made for my husband. Maybe I’ll get it right the next time I get married? Kidding.

22. ‘Makes Me Question If I’m Worthy’ Cake

This beauty was created by the Butterfly Bakeshop. Their motto is “everyone deserves a custom cake.” It’s too pretty though begging the question, do I deserve it, DO I DESERVE IT???

33. Cute AF Cake

This elephant cake was created by ChocaL8kiss and gives me the cutey feels like I just want to pinch the cheeks of this cake and then gobble it up!

44. Your Ticket to Jaipur via A Cake Kinda Cake

This BCake NY elephant cake was designed to transport people to the colors and decadence of Jaipur. I wonder what costs more, this cake or a ticket to Jaipur? I prefer to taste this cake versus traveling to Jaipur. Not that anyone is offering. *Cough cough.*

55. Hella Cute/Boho Cake

Paper Heart Patisserie made this gorgeous thing for a boho themed wedding. This dip-dyed cake caught my eye with its understated chicness.

66. Show Stopper Va Va Voom Kinda Cake

Created by Michela Dessi, this elephant cake pretty much speaks for itself. It’s a feast for the eyes and the belly all at once. What’s more, this cake presents a sheer feat of artistry and architecture with the Taj Mahal balanced on the elephant which is balanced on another ornate cake stand. Wowsa.

77. I-Got-Baggage-But-Inna-Cute-Kinda-Way Cake

Again, a feat of architecture! Created by Cakes By Beth for an Indian wedding, this cake is both traditional yet fun and modern. Peer closer and you’ll notice the bride and groom sitting amidst the luggage. Aw, the detailed work is the icing on top! Or, errr, fondant on top?

88. Baby (Elephant) Got Back Cake

This majestic beauty was created by the famous bakery Charm City Cakes. Sculpted by fondant and filled with real cake, this piece of edible art was created for an interfaith Hindu-Christian wedding.

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