Etsy is truly a wonderful e-shop. Where else can you find handcrafted, often times customizable art and accessories? And even more specific, where can you find henna patterns on everything from jewelry to cookies to home decor? Finding such rarities is what inspired me to curate this list of random and delightful finds.

These items don’t only have henna patterns, they’re all heart-shaped as well, making them the perfect gift for your Valentine… or for yourself. I’m confident at least one if not all of these items will pull at your heart (and purse)strings! ♥

Words of Advice: becausee many of the shop’s items are handcrafted or made to order with a lead time of anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, I highly recommend you order now so you’re sure to have ’em in your possession by February 14, if not a few days before.

1. Metalic Heart with Gold Henna Designs


This is a great way to tell Bae that s/he lights up your heart! This heart, in all its henna design glory, lights up with batteries. You can reach out to creator Henna Heart Diaries if you desire a color other than gold. This piece comes in two sizes: 6 inches and 11 inches. That’s what she said? Focus! Buy this blingy heart here.

2. Henna Heart Soap


These soaps are actually meant to be presented as favors for showers and weddings. Each piece is wrapped in a cellophane bag with an elegant organza ribbon. This would be a great gift to give to 10 of your loved ones, though I personally can’t think of that many people I like, let alone love. Anyway, each recipient can get one fabulously scented henna heart soap. Now that’s love. Click here and act fast!

3. Henna Heart Pendant


This sterling silver pendant is both delicate and funky chic. The henna tattoo design is unique and a welcome departure from more traditional pendants gifted on Valentine’s day. I mean aren’t diamonds overrated? Buy this gem here.

4. Custom Henna Heart Lace Sugar Cookies


What a creative way to give sweets to your Sweets! These sugar cookies can be customized with any color combination. Each cookie is 3″ x 3″ and wrapped for freshness, with six cookies to an order. Eat your heart out here.

5. Custom Wooden Henna Initial Stand


A handmade customized stand with you and lovey’s initials? How creatively romantic! This gives a new and classier meaning to giving wood. But seriously, it’s a unique gift, buy it here.

6. Henna Heart Stamp Wood Block


Made from a neem tree, this set of three stamps is a cool Valentine’s gift for the artist in your life. Tell them you love them and “neem” it. Ha. Purchase here.

7. Henna Heart Prayer Flag


Sure you can gift this to someone you love. Which is why I’m thinking this would make a thoughtful gift to my closest loved one - me! Vibe your home with the theme of love and treat yourself here.


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