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5000 Characters Quiz: How You Can Take The Viral Quiz

What do we know about this 5000 Character Quiz?

TikTok and its challenges always go viral in one way or another. This time it’s the 5000 Character Quiz. 

After all, who, I mean, WHO would want to miss out on a chance to figure out their “favorite fictional character”? I am IN!

If you are as curious as I am to figure out this new viral quiz, then you are in the right place. This quiz uses the right technique to help you determine which is the character you resemble.

TikTok is literally flooding with these quiz options right now and people are feeling the thrill when they are being compared to the character from the entertainment world. Trust me, the results are surprising enough.

Want to be a part of the Quiz? Keep reading.

5000 Character Quiz Explained

The Character Quiz is an intriguing personality quiz, also interactive under the creation of Charactour.com.

What it does is extremely fun!

The quiz matches you to the available fictional characters that you resemble the most.

Therefore, keeping that in mind, it will gather all the data that matches your descriptions and will then match you to the corresponding fictional character.

It entirely depends on the quiz you take. Based on the answers you select, you will get a character that matches you. The quiz assessment has all sort of questions that belongs to different genres and that’s how it goes forward.

Every question will show you two different characters. Depending on your answer, you get assigned to you. The other character goes out of the radar.

From more than 5000+ options to choose from, you could ideally be matched to the one resembling the most to you.

It could be Spider-man, Superman, or Hulk, who knows?

Won’t that be interesting to find out though?

5000 Character Quiz – How Would You Take It?

It is quite an easy process to take the quiz. Everything is very simple and you just need to follow the steps to get going.

Visit Charactour.com

The main page gives you a glimpse of what you are about to go through.

On the very front page, you can find a lot of different character images listed one after another.

In between the two characters, you can find your question. Once you are done reading your question, you will see four options are lying underneath.

To answer the question thrown at you, you will need to adjust the big blue dot. Out of the four listed options, you will have to drag the blue dot towards the option that matches your qualities.

For Example, here is a question.

“I make people laugh”

The options you get are: –

  • I can’t hear you. Everyone’s laughing
  • plenty. I get off some good lines
  • with chuckles but not belly laughs
  • never. Life is no joking matter

You need to take the blue dot to the answer that suits you best. Also, make sure to create an account on the website before you proceed.

Have you taken the quiz yet?

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