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4 BTS locations That’s A Must-Visit For Any BTS-Army

Are you a BTS fan? If you are nodding your head on the other side, then stay tuned because we have something that will take you on a tour!

Given the pandemic, life has become extremely excruciating and if given a chance, we could easily go out for a runaway. No?

BTS and its army have always been the talk of the town and we have been in awe of them. Lucky for us that we can at least know about the BTS locations that are currently trending.

And I thought of being generous and sharing the deets with you. Are you ready as much as I am?

Well, then, just keep scrolling!

4 BTS Locations That’s A ”Must-Visit”

Let’s take you on a toll to all the beautiful places that we can, hope it does you good in the pandemic and takes you back to the year where things were happy i.e., 2019.

1. Sepulveda Dam

Heard the song ON, Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima? If yes, you must also know that the place this song was shot was Sepulveda Dam.

Just in case you are planning to visit the Dam, make sure to learn the steps first and recreate them while you are there. And hey, don’t forget to tag BTS.

2. Dongho Bridge

For the song, I need you, BTS took the shot as a pedestrian and the Dongho Bridge was accessible easily.

If you wish to recreate the moment and obviously J-Hope’s walk on the bridge is the one rightly worthy of it. The bridge is extended all over the Han river situated in Seoul. Oh, and make sure to drop in by night because you don’t want to miss the breathtaking view.

3. Iryeong Station

Now a shut-down station, but once upon a time, the BTS Team shot for the Spring Day in here. This is quite a popular spot amongst the whole ARMY.

Visiting Seoul is a good idea but make sure you don’t miss Yangju in the itinerary that you create.


4 BTS location

4. Laundry Pizza

BTS already has our heart with its soulful music and it makes sure to offer timely treats to the audience in any way that it can.

Out of all the locations that we went to so far, missing out on Laundy Pizza is just not acceptable. It is a pizza parlor that you can spot in Gangnam District. The last album Love Yourself was shot in the place.

How about some pizza and some of the BTS shots falling midway? What are you waiting for you? Plan your trip to Seoul and get plan your itinerary.

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