If you thought nosy desi moms were one of a kind, let me remind you that desi dads are a unique species all on their own. From shutting down your outfit choices to crushing your dreams with just a look, desi dads are, well, desi dads.

With Fathers Day around the corner, here are some of the realest desi dad posts we’ve come across.

Accurate AF Desi Dad Posts:

There’s nothing like desi dad fashion

Image Source StemJar

When they hit you with that false hope

Image Source Pinterest

When dads are indecisive AF

Beatings on point

Image Source Pinterest

Sorry pops, we’re non-refundable

No escape, not even on your birthday

Image Source Pinterest

When the comparisons never end…

Their emotional range is phenomenal

Image Source Pinterest

When they have their priorities in order

When they try to be cool

In case you needed a full video of Alok Nath rapping about sanskaar in your life, check it out here. 

No pressure… right?

Image Source Quora


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