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Sonic Frontiers: Everything We Know About the Game

Sonic the Hedgehog is soon coming back with a new exciting game! Titled Sonic Frontiers, the game is being published by Sega and will release in late 2022. Continue reading to know the full details of the game.

Sonic Frontiers to Release in late 2022

The final date has not been confirmed yet, but it has been announced that the game will release late this year during the Holiday season. The trailer of the game was launched recently. The 3D action-adventure game will be made available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Targeted towards both experienced Sonic players, and first time players, the game will feature the famous blue Hedgehog in adventures through new realms, termed as ‘open-zone freedom’.

Talking about the project, the Creative Director of Sonic Team at USA, Takashi Iizuka said: “Sonic Frontiers is a huge leap forward for the franchise, delivering an evolved gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by long-time Sonic fans and action-adventure enthusiasts alike.”

The trailer of the game shows Sonic thrusting through the forest while being chased by three robots that explode as soon as they reach him. He then runs forward before slowing down as he reaches the cliff edge. He turns back to see the ‘open-zone’, with spectacular visuals of waterfalls, lush greenery and scenic beauty. 

Sonic Frontiers Design and Gameplay

In Sonic Frontiers, the players will be guiding the hedgehog across Starfall Islands in an attempt to foil Dr. Eggman. They zooming through a range of lush-looking landscapes with the kind of speed we’ve always wanted to see the series achieve in 3D.

The hedgehog will retain his abilities from the previous games. He will be able to run at extreme speeds, grind on rails, double jump and sidestep. His new abilities will include combat attacks, travelling alongside walls, and interacting with things by creating a circle of light around them with the Cyloop.

Enemies and Bosses

The game will feature a host of new enemies for the title character. The new enemies will include Cyclone which is a ‘A floating enemy causing damage with attacks that appear as electric tornados’; and Banger who is ‘a wheel-like enemy that rushes towards Sonic once he is detected and attacks at high speeds if provoked.’

There will also be an enemy named Shell who is described as ‘An enemy protected by a hard shell that attacks at a distance with a boomerang-type move. Sonic’s attacks cannot penetrate the hard shell, but other methods such as Cyloop can catch this enemy off-guard.’

Another enemy in the game will be Bubble, ‘An enemy formed by a group of spheres that attacks Sonic with electricity.’

The game will also feature three new bosses: Ninja, Tower and Asura. Ninja has quick attack, can deflect incoming blows, and strike with shadows of itself. Tower is made out of stacked pieces and has a weak spot at the top of its head. And Asura is a gigantic building-like foe who throws down its arms. This one has already been in previous trailers.

Sonic will be using the new battle system to fight these enemies and bosses. His new attack system will combine dodges, parries, counters and more.

Are you excited for this new game in the Sonic universe? Let us know in the comments section.

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