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How to Pre-Register for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends is a game that has been around for quite some time but this game started making more news when it launched for mobile devices and that gets even more exciting. The game has been in beta for too long on mobile devices and the game is finally available

Apex legends Mobile is now in the pre-registration phase and users can start registering for the pre-registration where people can signup and get the game earlier than normal on their devices.


Steps to Pre-Register for Apex Legends Mobile

Pre-registration is on for Apex Legends on their website and any user can easily pre-register for this game and enjoy a lot of things before every other person.

  • Visit Apex Legends Mobile Official Website

  • Click on “Pre-Register” on Google Play Store
  • You will be redirected to the Google Play Store
  • Click on the “Pre-Register” button and you are done!

  • You can also pre-register directly on the Google Play Store too
  • Just search Apex legends Mobile

  • Select Apex Legends Mobile and press “Pre-Register”

Benefits of Pre-registering

Pre-registration has a lot of benefits for gamers who want to play Apex Legends on their devices and want to enjoy the game before everyone else. Apex Legends Mobile is also offering you some add-ons as a thank you for pre-registering for the game.

The players will be offered cosmetic gifts as and when signup milestones are completed. The players will be notified of the same in due time.

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

Given that the game is in the pre-registration phase it is being speculated that the game will fully launch for the general public sometime in the summer. The game still needs to be fully compatible with a lot of devices as such games are played by a lot of people.

It is most likely that the developers will launch the game after carefully ensuring that the game is fully compatible with most flagship devices available in the market as flagship devices are considered to be the best there is and if even with flagship hardware if people aren’t getting good gameplay, it casts a dark shadow on the game.

System Requirements for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile will be a graphically intensive game for mobile devices and will require pretty good hardware and software specs to be able to run smoothly. However, the developers are expected to make settings and optimization for lower-end devices in order to ensure the player base remains large.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Android 8.1 and above
  • Open GL 3.0 or higher
  • 3GB free space
  • At least 3GB RAM
  • Screen sizes: N/L/XL

When is Apex Legends Mobile Coming to iOS Devices?

Yes, very soon a similar suite for release will be followed for Apple devices too as it is mentioned on the official site that the game is coming soon to the App Store on Apple devices.

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