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How To Play Nerdle? The New Clone to Wordle

Wordle. Taylordle. Lewdle. Nerdle. Keep bringing them on.

Folks, pardon me for taking you a little back down the lane because it is crucial that we talk about all of these now that there is a new game in the block, who knows, could be a clone for all we know.

It started with Wordle, an online game that lets you play with words. Furthermore, we had Taylordlea game for all the Swifties out then. Oh, it didn’t end there, next came Lewdle, as it was being referred, it was the dirty game out of the lot.


There’s one more and it is here to stay just like the rest.

The number-based alternative game, Nerdle is going viral but playing it could knock your minds off. So ask yourself whether you are ready to take up the challenge.

Nerdle – What is it?

The primary difference between “Wordle” and “Nerdle” lies in the name; one is a game of “words” whereas the other surrounds “numbers”.

Fan of words or numbers?

For the bunch who went with “Numbers” and aren’t interested to play around with letters, Nerdle is going to be there for you.

Instead of using words, you will be playing with equations and numbers. Thus, a maths-based game for all the genius minds out there.

The creator of the game said, “We (him and his daughter) agreed there must be an equivalent for us maths fans (she’s one too) and a few minutes later we had decided on the rules of the game and the name. My son worked out the full list of (tens of thousands) of valid calculations and we launched it to the world with some help from friends and colleagues”.

Curious, aren’t you? We are too. Let’s drill down this game and figure out how to play it.

How to play “Nerdle”?

The game, when you see it screams difficulty. It is going to take some time for you to wrap your head around it.

Either way, once you are there and you get the gist of it, the nightmare begins.

The game is extremely confusing, to begin with, and initially, it is a tough battle. The motive of the game is simple; in six or lesser tries, you have to guess an “eight-character” maths equation.

The characters that you can choose from are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, +, -, *, / and =.

For multiplication, you will use “*” and for division, you will use “/”

As you place the numbers on the tiles, they change their color. The different color codes yell at you explaining if the equations or numbers that you have placed are right or wrong.

The color scheme is as follows:-

  • Green – The selected equation is correct and is in its rightful place.
  • Purple – The selected equation is residing somewhere else than where it is supposed to be.
  • Grey – The color that is the most dangerous. It tells you how absolutely incorrect you and your selected equation are.


Here are some simple game rules that you should keep in mind.

  • Nerdle follows BODMAS.
  • There are Eight-characters.
  • Every character needs to be in between “0123456789+-*/=”
  • The equation should contain one “=”
  • Orders are important; If it is 10+30=40, then you are wrong if you opt for 30+10=40
  • The number on the RHS of “=” has to be a number.

Play Nerdle here.

Enjoyed reading? How about a game?

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