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God of War Ragnarök Early Access: Game Leaks Weeks Before Release

God of War Ragnarök, the highly anticipated ninth installment in the God of War series, is all set to release worldwide on November 9, 2022. However, multiple reports are suggesting that some users have got access to the game almost a week before its official launch.

The leaks from the game are now circulating online, with video clips and spoilers from the gameplay ruining the experience for others. So much so that the game studios had to come forward and address the leaks themselves.

But how did users get early access to God of War Ragnarök, and is it still possible to get your hands on the leaked game? Read on to find out.

God of War Ragnarök Early Access

Until now, people have only gotten early access to the game by purchasing it from a retailer who started selling the copies almost two weeks before the launch. The retailer hasn’t been named yet, but God of War Ragnarök director Cory Barlog confirmed on Twitter that the game got leaked because of the same issue.

“you know, right now, I can really understand the benefit of having just an installer on the physical disc. Smh. a retailer selling the game nearly TWO WEEKS before release. just so disappointing,” he tweeted.

Since there is no information about the retailer selling the game early, there is no way to get early access to the game. And that is not the legal way, either. So we suggest you wait a little more and enjoy the game when it officially launches on November 9.

Santa Monica Studio Issues Statement on Game Leaks

The potential spoilers leaked online include narrative and face-off moments between major characters. The developer behind the game, Santa Monica Studio, has issued a statement on Twitter urging people not to share the leaked clips and suggesting methods to avoid spoilers.

“As we approach launch, it is important for our studio to preserve the experience of God of War Ragnarök for players who want to enjoy the game for the first time without spoilers,” the studio wrote.

“We ask that you please be considerate of the many fans who do not want to accidentally see clips, gameplay, or narrative spoilers and avoid sharing them wide. We strongly advise that you mute any keywords or hashtags associated with the game until release day,” they continued.

Barlog doubled down by adding, “sorry to everyone that you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game fresh. completely f—ing stupid you have to do this. this is not at all how any of us at SMS wanted things to go.”

God of War Ragnarök Launches for PS4 and PS5 on November 9

Developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, God of War Ragnarök is being launched for both PS4 and PS5. However, since Sony is the publisher, the game will not be coming to Xbox or Nintendo.

The PS4 version is priced at $59.99, while the PS5 version will retail for $69.99. The game will be the second and final installment in the Norse saga and will feature DualSense support for haptic feedback and 3D audio.

For more news and updates, keep watching this space.

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