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Cities: Skylines is Coming for Free on Epic Games Next Week

Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines is going to be free next week on Epic Games starting 10th March 2022.

Cities: Skylines is hardly an exciting game to give away in 2022 as it was released way back in 2015 but the game still holds a lot of merits. Cities: Skylines is a game that allows players to play it for hours in order to get their cities up and running.

The best part with Cities: Skylines is that the base game has been updated with free expansion packs over the years and the game is much more enjoyable now and has been expanded a lot since its start.

What is Cities: Skylines Games About?

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on a city simulation game. The game features beautiful Skylines and vivid scenarios. You step into the shoes of your cities mayor and are responsible for carrying out a varied set of tasks in order to keep your city going.

It is easy to build a city but as you start getting better at it the game becomes more and more challenging which is something that is awesome because such games do tend to get a little boring if the game is not challenging.

Current Price of Cities: Skylines and Reviews

The game is available on the Steam store at a low price of $9 which is a good price for a game with a huge amount of very positive reviews. The game also has a deluxe edition that is available at $11 which is a fair price considering the number of expansion packs this game has received.

If Cities: Skyline is a game that you rejoice then the game bundle is also available on Steam. This bundle includes all the DLCs for Cities: Skylines and costs $107 which in all fairness is a lot.

If you grab the game for free on Epic Games Store you will save $9 which may not seem a lot but every dollar matters!

Steps to Claim Cities: Skylines on Epic Games Store

The issue with Epic Games giveaways is that it is for a limited time and if you don’t grab the free copy in that time you may lose the chance forever. So, to get your free game all you need to do is visit Epic Games Store on 10th March and sign in.

Click on the game you want and simply get it!

Once you have signed in you will need to go to the store page and scroll down to the free games row. Once there just select the game and you will be taken to the game page. Just click on get and you will get your free copy of Cities: Skylines.

How Free Games Help ”Epic Games”

These free games have skyrocketed the popularity of the Epic Games Store. The free games work as a marketing tactic as people come to the store to claim the free game. The gamers come across other games on offer while claiming the free games.

Most people check out even the games on sale while claiming the free games as they feel that the deals being offered by Epic Games are good since they are nice enough to Giveaway cool games for free.

This psychological trick has resulted in Epic Games Store becoming very popular and profitable.

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