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Top 20 Halloween Appetizers to Get Started

Well, with Halloween around the corner on October 31, I am sure you must be looking forward to hosting an amazing Halloween party!

If you have been looking out for any interesting Halloween appetizers, then you are at the right place as we are here to help you out in suggesting the top 20 lip-smacking appetizers for your Halloween party.

Well, you can also complement your party by adding some delightful cocktails, desserts, candies to these mouth-watering Halloween appetizers. So, while hosting the Halloween party and making it a bit scary, you would certainly want to include some spooky, creepy-crawly recipes such as Ghostly Pizza, Skeleton Crudite, Pumpkin Hand Pies, Mummy Hot Dogs, Witch Guacamole, and more.

Check out the top 20 Halloween Appetizers for your Halloween Party

The icing on the cake would be playing some Halloween movies in the background to make the atmosphere party ready!

So, here we go with our list of the top 20 Halloween appetizers.

Well, the appetizers we shared here also include some veg delights for those vegetarian guests of yours. So, try these appetizers and make your guests scream louder with delight!

1. Skeleton Crudite

Well, the name itself sounds scary! However, it is very simple to prepare this. Just arrange all your favorite vegetables in the shape of a skeleton and you are done. However, do not miss the dip.

2. Graveyard Dip

To prepare this Halloween appetizer, you simply need to cut tortilla chips in the shape of gravestones. Then serve them with salsa, guac, and black bean dip.

3. Ghostly Pizza

OMG, Ghostly Pizza! Scare your guests with this spooky appetizer. You just have to cut cheese into ghost shapes with a paring knife. Then use olives as eyes for the ghosts that are cut in the shape of spiders.

4. Smokey Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

These actually look very cute. The ridges of the pumpkin can be made using a fork while the stem by using a little cornichon pickle.

5. Mummy Pumpkin Hand Pies

Pumpkin Hand Pies are one of the top yummy Halloween appetizers that can be a perfect treat for your party. You can make them easily with puff pastry and pumpkin pie filling.

6. Spooky Spinach Dip in Bread Bowl Cauldron

This can be prepared by transforming pumpernickel bread, breadsticks, and cream cheese into a basket and later filling it with a creamy spinach dip.

7. Meatball Mummies

Well, this one could be appealing for kids. Rather than placing an order for pizzas, simply wrap frozen meatballs in puffed pastry and then decorate them with cut olives as well as marinara sauce.

8. Witch Guacamole

This is another easy to prepare Halloween appetizer. All you need is a few vegetable slices and some chips. Then bring in your creativity to craft a scary Witch Guacamole recipe quickly.

9. Saucy Spider With Hairy Leg Sticks

To prepare this spooky appetizer, you just have to spin a web of doughy delight on cheese bread.

10. Mummy Hot Dogs

Well, these are some of the hit Halloween appetizers that are found in almost every Halloween party. To prepare these, you simply need three ingredients – buttery, flaky, cheesy. Add a little of your imagination and your spooky Mummy Hot Dogs are ready to serve.

11. Spider Web Hummus Dip

Well, it is good to have some healthy snacks too when you are at a party which would have loads of junk food. This creepy and crawly-looking vegetarian Halloween appetizer is packed with layers of fresh vegetables and a Greek yogurt spider web.

12. Cheesy Witch Brooms

This is nothing but giving a witch broom look to string cheese. This is very easy to prepare. Just get string cheese, make it half, then add a pretzel stick to it and finally tie with a fresh chive. Your Cheesy Witch Broom is ready!

13. Mummy Meat Loaves

These mysterious Halloween appetizers can make your guests scream loud when they take a bite of them as you hid the sweet cherry tomatoes in between the mini-meat loaves.

14. Halloween Veggie Tray

This is another nutritious and vegetarian appetizer that can be included in your Halloween party for sure. This is so impressive that even kids might feel like having the vegetables in this form.

15. Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Fried Mac and Cheese Balls are one of the mouth-watering appetizers that would be loved by your guests. The moment you serve these crispy, cheesy bites at your treat, you will be thrilled to notice that they have disappeared in no time!

16. Halloween Popcorn

Well, if you have kids at your Halloween party, then Halloween Popcorn is the perfect snack to be included. Make use of mini marshmallows, sprinkles as well as pumpkin seeds to make the appetizer impressive.

17. Cheesy Breadstick Bones

These ghostly-looking Cheesy Breadstick Bones can be one more interesting appetizer that would complete your Halloween party. While preparing these, cut about an inch of each breadstick end in a way to make them look like bones. Then, brush the breadstick with melted butter.

To make them a little scarier, arrange these cheesy bones to look like a skeleton on a serving plate.

18. Jalapeno Popper Dip

Well, this appetizer can be served at almost any party and not just on Halloween. This creamy yet smoky appetizer can be prepared in just 30 minutes.

19. Skull Burritos

The name itself sounds spine-chilling. However, to prepare Skull Burritos, you simply have to stuff burritos with your favorite fillings. That’s it!

20. Cheese Olive Bites

The Cheese Olive Bites are nothing but baked cheese balls that contain pimento-stuffed olives in the center which makes your plate of these snacks look like a plate of scary eyeballs. Isn’t it something weird!

Hope you found our list of Halloween appetizers interesing. Do share with us what are your Halloween plans this year by taking to our comments section!

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