This Indian Grandpa is using his love of cooking to provide food and support to the children around him.

Since it’s launch last summer, the Grandpa’s Kitchen YouTube channel has published videos of the titular grandpa in a lungi as he cooks giant platters of food to feed orphans. While no one on the Internet who has written about him seems to know his name, Grandpa has quickly amassed a loyal audience of viewers.

Grandpa starts every one of his video by reciting his mantra of “Loving, caring, sharing. This is my family.” He then uses his limited English to explain the recipe as you watch his process of cooking these meals. While he does seem to have a few assistants, they tmostly remain off screen. The food is then packed and taken to local orphanages where the children are seen enjoying the delicious meals.

Grandpa has cooked everything from potato wedges and burgers to butter chicken and fish biryani for his young charges. He also makes such kid-friendly dishes as pasta with tomato sauce and Hakka noodles.

In this video, Grandpa introduces the kids to the wonders of pizza.

Grandpa’s charity does more than just feed children, they say they also provide local orphanages with much needed supplies like new clothes. Grandpa’s generosity certainly seems to have struck a chord: he has garnered over 2 million subscribers since he began posting his videos.



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