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10 Best Substitutes for Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is a commonly used ingredient in the preparation of a number of recipes like soups, sauces, cakes, or even ice creams. The addition of heavy cream to any recipe makes it smoother and yummy.

Heavy cream is simply made out of the fat portion of fresh cow’s milk. When you leave the fresh cow milk at cold temperature, cream settles on the top of the milk. This layer of cream can be skimmed from the milk and used as fresh heavy cream.

Heavy cream packs with it 36–40% milk fat according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). But one thing has to be noted that heavy cream need not suit everyone owing to its rich fat content.

Check out the top 10 substitutes for Heavy Cream

At times you may not have readily available heavy cream at hand to use in your recipes. Also, those who wish to use a cream with less fat content or a dairy-free cream can go with other substitutes for heavy cream.

In this article, we have compiled the 10 best substitutes for heavy cream which can be used in your recipes to add that creamy touch to your recipes. Check them out below!

1. Coconut cream substitute for Heavy cream

This is one of the best heavy cream substitutes for those adhering to a vegan diet or preferring a dairy-free alternative. One can get it directly from the store. However, you can prepare it at home too using coconut milk.

You need to leave a can of coconut milk in the chiller overnight. The next day, transfer the liquid contents of the can into some other container leaving the thick coconut cream behind. Remove that coconut cream and use it as a substitute for heavy cream.

Well, this coconut cream is as creamy as heavy cream and can be used in your favorite recipes be it sweets or baked items. It can be whipped and used as a topping as well on your favorite desserts.

2. Combination of Butter and Milk

You can make your own heavy cream substitute by simply combining milk and butter. By adding butter to milk, the fat content of the milk increases thereby becoming a substitute for heavy cream. If you desire to make the cream bit thicker, add a tablespoon of flour to it.

To make one cup of heavy cream using this method, you need to mix 1/4 cup of melted butter with 3/4 cup of milk and then whisk the mixture thoroughly to make your heavy cream substitute.

This heavy cream substitute can be used in cooking and baking. However, it cannot be used in recipes that require whipped cream.

3 Mixing Soy milk with Olive oil

Another good alternative for heavy cream particularly for vegans is a mixture of Soy milk and Olive oil. To prepare a cup of heavy cream alternative, take 2/3 cup of soy milk and 1/3 cup of olive oil and mix them properly.

This cream can be used in cooking as well as baking but cannot be used in recipes involving whipping as it cannot be whipped.

4. Combination of Butter with Half-and-Half cream

Another simple substitute for heavy cream is a combination of half-and-half cream with butter. When butter is added to half-and-half, the fat content of the cream increases. As such, this cream which can even be whipped can be used in preparing any recipe.

In few recipes like soups and sauces, the half-and-half cream can be used directly as heavy cream without adding butter to it.

5. Combination of Milk and Cornstarch

Using this combination, one can prepare a heavy cream substitute that is low-fat and has fewer calories. You can prepare a cup of heavy cream substitute by mixing 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 1 cup of milk.

This can be preferably used in cooking only as when used in baked items, their texture might change.

6. Combination of Silken tofu and Soy milk

This heavy cream substitute can be prepared by blending silken tofu and soy milk in equal quantities. Soy milk can also be replaced with regular milk or any plant-based milk. As this cream can be whipped, you can also use it as a topping for desserts.

7. Combination of Cottage cheese and Milk

The heavy cream made by this combination is a healthy substitute that is rich in proteins and micronutrients. Blended cottage cheese can be used individually as a heavy cream substitute in preparing certain recipes like sauces to make them thick. One can also blend equal amounts of milk and cottage cheese to make a smooth substitute for heavy cream that can be used in other recipes.

8. Mixture of Greek yogurt and Milk

Another substitute for heavy cream is a combination of Greek yogurt and whole milk. Greek yogurt is a rich source of protein and as such its usage in your recipe will make a healthy protein-rich food item. Heavy cream can be prepared by blending equal quantities of greek yogurt and whole milk. You can use it just as heavy cream in preparing recipes like soups and sauces.

9. Use of Evaporated milk

You can also make use of evaporated milk as a substitute for heavy cream which contains 60% less water in comparison to regular milk. You can use this creamy and thick milk in preparing recipes that use heavy cream in a little bit of liquid form. This is a good low-calories substitute for heavy cream. Use an equal amount of evaporated milk instead of heavy cream in your recipes.

10. Usage of Cream cheese

This is a cheese variety which is made of milk and cream. This can serve the purpose of a heavy cream substitute in some of the recipes. Cream cheese can be a good substitute for heavy cream in making frostings as well as soups and sauces which require a creamy touch. But, do not use cream cheese in recipes that require whipped heavy cream.

So, next time you prepare some recipe that requires the addition of heavy cream, try out any of the above substitutes for heavy cream. Also, share your feedback in our comments section below!

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