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Starbucks 2022 Holiday Cup & Gift Lineup Is Dazzling

The holiday season is drawing near, and Starbucks needed to stock up on new items for customers. It’s not an amazing cheesecake or vanilla frappuccino drink at this time, but it’s something that will spark your attention and may eventually wind up on your get-to list.

Starbucks has released a slew of photographs of its holiday cup lineup. The preview of these gifts is well worth a view. It has some spectacular cold cups and tumblers. Let’s get started right away.

Starbucks Holiday Cup & Gift Lineup Is Already Here

The holiday cups will get you excited for Christmas plus the design is absolutely dazzling.

Two Bling & Ornaments Cold Cups

If you relish cold brew and iced lattes, Starbucks has this impressive cold cup with bling ornaments in its lineup. These cold cups are simply stunning. This cup’s suggested retail price is $29.95 for the cold cup and $14.95 for the ornament.

The description of these cold cups read, “Celebrate the holidays in style with the always popular Bling Cold Cups, now available in two new high shine, ultra-luxe metallic hues: gold and sangria. For a fun twist on holiday décor, find Bling Cold Cup Ornaments in the two new colors this holiday season as well.”

Three Beautiful Jeweled Cold Cup

Next, Starbucks revealed three stunning Jeweled Cold Cups priced at $22.95. They come in three different colors: red, green, and blue.

The description of these mesmerizing cups reads, “Jewel tones are the new red and green this holiday season, and Starbucks has new Jeweled Cold Cups available in white, merlot, and azure. New Jeweled Cold Cup Ornaments are also available in the three new shades.

Plus, customers can find jeweled ornaments in matching colors for an SRP of $12.95 each.”

Enchanted Forest Cup

Imagine a baby pink color on an enchanted forest design, doesn’t it seem like a dream? However, Starbucks has turned the dream into reality. The SRP of this cup is $27.95.

Starbucks says, “The prettiest of them all, this baby pink floral cup can bring a touch of holiday magic to anyone’s day.”

Light Pink Lace Cup

Another adorable light pink cup should be on your shopping list. This cup costs $22.95. It has a lovely lace design all over it.

The description reads, “This adorable cup will bring a pop of pink and happiness to brighten those cold winter days. Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores, including those inside grocery stores, airports, hotels, and retailers.”

Color Changing Hot Cup Set

Do you want to turn your absolute favorite hot beverage into a memorable holiday experience? This 6-cup set appears to be eager to do just that for you. You thought only terrific designs could be found on a cold cup?

Take a look at these color-changing hot cup sets. There are six-piece sets available. The suggested retail price is $19.95.

The description reads, “For the optimum coffee-sipping experience, the Color Changing Hot Cup Set—in new festive designs—will turn any hot beverage into a fun and mesmerizing holiday moment.”

Gradient Candy Water Bottle

Along with impressive cups, it appears that Starbucks is also introducing a water bottle for fitness enthusiasts and many others. This gradient water bottle is pink and red in color.

It appears that you must stay hydrated even during the holiday season. It costs $24.95.

The gradient description reads, “Featuring pink and red hues reminiscent of holiday candies, this water bottle is the best way to stay hydrated and festive during the holidays.”

Mint Poinsettia Tumbler

It definitely looks like a minty holiday and it would be incomplete without having a Mint Poinsettia Tumbler. Oh yes, if you have enough cups and water bottles Tumbler is your go-to option.

And a stunning one is definitely a must-purchase item. The SRP is $19.95. Tumbler’s description reads, “Pair this floral mint tumbler with a Peppermint Mocha for the ultimate minty holiday.

Available exclusively at Starbucks licensed stores, including those inside grocery stores, airports, hotels, and retailers.”

Holiday Blend Packaged Coffees

Where are my coffee drinkers? Starbucks’ Christmas Blend this year includes a dark roast blend of Aged Sumatra, Guatemala, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea collections.

Want to know more about this in detail? You got a perfect description below:

“Christmas Blend made its debut in 1984 when there were only five Seattle stores in Seattle that sold fresh-roasted coffee beans, loose-leaf teas, and spices. It has become a customer favorite and a holiday tradition over the last 38 years.

This year’s Starbucks Christmas Blend features a dark roast blend of Aged Sumatra, Guatemala, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea with notes of baking spices and a chocolate finish. Available as whole bean, ground, and decaf.

Crafted with all celebrations in mind, this festive coffee offers a balanced, sweet, and toasty blend of bright Latin American beans and rich Sumatran coffee. The blend is specially roasted to highlight the complexity of flavors, creating a full-bodied, vibrant cup every time.

Layered notes of sweet maple and herbs balance the rich flavors of this coffee.” It costs $15.95 for a 1-pound bag.

A Holiday Starbucks Card Is A Must

Lastly, we have one of the most famous things from Starbucks. Seasons would feel incomplete without these Holiday cards. A thoughtful and intuitive way to give the gift of sheer delight.

If you want to give a gift card to a coffee lover, what better option than a gift card? A little thing like this matters. Furthermore, it can be filled with amounts ranging from $5 to $100. Share a cup of coffee with a handful of happiness.

Are you going to buy any of these amazing items? You are welcome to share your favorite one in the comment section below.

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