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Pizza Hut Starts Selling Individual Slices And Giving Away $100 To Customers

As part of Pizza Hut’s personalization efforts, it will offer more personal pizzas this year in addition to its pan-based pizzas.

As an alternative to ordering a whole pie from Pizza Hut, the chain offers a new menu item called Pizza Hut Melts, a version of its slices for those customers who are not comfortable ordering a whole pie.

A New Attempt Is Being Made By Pizza Hut To Sell Individual Slices Of Pizza

Having made an earlier attempt in 2014 to offer pizza by the slice, this restaurant chain is now providing it by the slice. A few locations offered individual slices at the time, but it was a failure, and the experiment wasn’t successful. So instead, the chain has found more success by experimenting with different toppings and crusts for its pizzas to increase its appeal.

The year has passed, and Pizza Hut is making yet another attempt to sell individual slices of pizza. This is to cater to those who wish to have a small pizza party for one. In addition, Pizza Hut has launched a brand-new menu option available at participating locations nationwide starting on Tuesday (October 18, 2022), where pizza by the slice will be available.

The Newly Launched Pizza Comes In Four Different Variations With Different Toppings

The Pizza Hut Melt price per slice is $6.99 for two slices of thin n’ crispy pizza folded together and topped with various toppings. There are four different variations of the newly launched product that are available to customers, which include:

  • Marinara dipping sauce for Pepperoni lovers
  • Ranch dipping sauce and buffalo dipping sauce on Buffalo Chicken
  • Ranch dipping sauce with chicken bacon parmesan
  • With marinara dipping sauce for meat lovers

A variety of individual-sized pizzas are available at the establishment to let customers enjoy their special pizza party for one. They can be eaten as snacks, quick lunches, or on-the-go dinners.

Customers Selected By Pizza Hut Will Receive $100

There is a chance for Pizza Hut customers ordering the brand-new product online to win $100 if they avoid sharing any pictures of it on their social media channels when they call the item online. A few select customers will be rewarded if they sign a Melts Disclosure Agreement and do not post any images of the upcoming Melts. This is because they are not to be shared with the public.

It is anticipated that 250 customers will receive an e-gift card as a reward for the promotion. Unfortunately, restaurants are not currently able to take advantage of this offer. According to Pizza Hut, the prize of $100 will be given out as sweepstakes conducted through a random drawing.

A limited-time offer is available from October 18 until October 30, 2022, which is only valid for a limited time. You can find more information about the reward on Pizza Hut’s MDA page and enter the contest. You can also find complete rules and entry requirements there. As long as you live in the United States and are over 18, you are eligible to participate in the reward scheme. However, you can only enter once.

Customers often shift their preferences regarding pizza due to deals and various menu items offered in the space. Pizza Hut’s global restaurant sales dropped by 3% in the most recent quarter. Yum Brands owns Pizza Hut, as well as Taco Bell and KFC.

The Pizza Hut introduction could be of significant interest to pizza lovers passionate about pizza. Is this pizza with lots of melts a hit with you? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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