Actor Kal Penn is combating climate change by investing in Impossible Foods, which develops plant-based substitutes meat and dairy products. 15 years after his successful franchise “Harold and Kumar” began, the star goes back to White Castle to promote the vegan Impossible Burger the restaurant now carries.

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“Is love the greatest gift?” …Got a question, Earthling? Do as @KalPenn does and call #18334SLIDER to ask the @WuTangClan anything!  And head to @WhiteCastle to try the #ImpossibleSlider @realghostfacekillah @RZA @TherealGza

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Penn tried the Impossible burger a year ago at Bareburger and was surprised by how much it tasted like real meat. Penn even checked with the server to be sure that his order was right! Impressed with the food and company mission to eliminate factory farming with their products, it wasn’t long before Penn joined forces with Impossible Foods.

The actor, who describes himself as an “aspiring vegan,” believes a plant-diet is an effective method of battling climate change. Penn adopted a vegetarian diet after the United States left the Paris Climate Agreement in 2017, a move he disagreed with so he decided to do something about it.

In a feature on “Now This,” Penn speaks of how the Impossible Burger can affect climate change as well as what it means to offer affordable plant-based burgers in the small towns of America. He compares the trajectory of plant-based meals to that of hybrid technology, he hopes that the rise in veganism can help change the world and positively affect climate change.

“The way we produce, raise, and manufacture meat is one of the greatest causes of global warming and climate change, so what if I just make better choices in what I eat and what I put in my body,” he said in a feature by “Now This.” “I wanted to become an investor and kind of seemed like a great opportunity to support a company that was putting the right values in the right place, and first and foremost, was making a pretty delicious burger.”

Impossible Foods fit Penn’s beliefs and lifestyle. After being tested at select White Castle stores, the vegan burger was rolled out nationwide. Thus far, the burger has been hugely successful especially with White Castle’s clever marketing strategies like Penn’s ode to his hit film franchise, “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle,” and a campaign featuring members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Impossible Foods has developed more than just vegan burgers. There are nachos, chili, and other types all over the world. Their ability to preserve taste while creating a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative gives the company’s products universal appeal.


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