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Here is Why Fancy Restaurants Serve Small Portions

Have you ever wondered why the high-end fancy restaurants charge more and serve less food?

You might have definitely been puzzled when you have visited a fancy restaurant by looking at the small portion of the food and the amount you have paid for it. We have decoded few interesting reasons behind this in our article. Let me caution you – after reading this article you will be surprised for sure and would be eager to try fine dining to experience this for validation.

Here is Why Fancy Restaurants Serve Small Portions of Food

Fine dining high-end restaurants carefully choose high-quality ingredients when preparing any dish. Some restaurants even import ingredients for a few of their signature dishes. As such, the portion served will be smaller in order to provide a cost-efficient end price of the dish. Also, the small portion looks elegant when it is served and will be easier for presentation so that customer can enjoy just by looking at the dish and of course by having it later.

Another interesting thing to be noted is that the first bite we take always tastes the best and taste buds usually become less sensitized as we continue eating. Keeping this in mind, the chef will focus on quality instead of quantity so that customers can relish every bite rather than getting bored by having a large quantity of a regular meal.

It is a common practice among most restaurants to serve a 3-course meal that includes an appetizer, the main course, and finally a dessert. However, in fine dining restaurants, there will be around 10-12 different dishes which include starters, welcome drink, hot soup, salad, a first main course, a palate cleanser, the second main course, cheese, dessert, and pastry.

It’s tough for a normal human being to digest all the dishes if they were to be served in regular portions. This is also one of the reasons why restaurants serve small portions so that customer gets to taste a little bit of everything.

Another important fact to be noted is that every dish involves the creativity of the chef. Few dishes are composed of different vegetables which are cooked separately. The plate is arranged in such a way that customer gets impressed by the creative look of the food too apart from the taste. It would not look great if these tiny veggies are arranged in a plate that is already full. That’s why chefs prefer serving smaller portions.

The saying, “less is more” and “good things come in small packages” aptly fits in the case of fine dining restaurants. Also in today’s world of social media, when fancy restaurants serve a small portion of food with appealing plating, it creates a buzz too.

According to a study, guests get excited by looking at small portions and will be eager to try the meal to understand the subtle difference. The concept of a limited portion will leave a long-lasting impression in the visitor’s mind.

Moreover, it is a normal human tendency to think that expensive food is of high quality, which is well-capitalized by the so-called fancy restaurants.

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