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Top 10 Health Benefits of Tomato Juice

Well, tomatoes are considered one of the most commonly used vegetables in cooking. Not everyone knows that tomato is actually a fruit which we use in various culinary delights mostly like a vegetable. Tomatoes are widely used be it in Ketchup or Soups or in some other delicious food item.

These red tomatoes not just add flavor to your dishes but also come packed with many vitamins and minerals. Tomato juice is one of the popular forms of tomato consumption. Tomato juice is bundled with many health benefits and helps in fighting a number of diseases.

Tomato juice actually tastes good and is quite popular among kids as well as adults. Natural tomato juice might taste a bit tangy and as such one add a pinch of sugar or salt to it.

Health Benefits of Tomato Juice

Well, you can even get packaged tomato juice available in the market and then make a beverage of your choice by adding your own list of ingredients. One can relish chilled tomato juice in the summer season while having it as a hot drink in other seasons like tomato soup.

Speaking about the benefits of tomato juice, it can just do wonders for your body. Tomato juice acts as an instant energizer by uplifting the dullest of moods. Tomato juice also helps in improving digestion as well as in treating a person with anemia.

Above all, tomato juice is bundled with loads of benefits for skin, hair, and health. Let us now get into the 10 benefits of tomato juice right away!

1. Slows the Ageing process and helps in having Younger-looking Skin

A glass of tomato juice a day can help in adding life to your skin by making you look younger. In short, it slows down the aging process. Additionally, tomato juice consumption reduces the dark spots too and makes your skin clear.

2. Acts as an Instant Energizer

Tomatoes are a rich source of nutrients which when consumed give instant energy and strength to the body. Also, tomato juice is bundled with many minerals like sodium and potassium which serve the purpose of energy drink when you start your day by having a glass of it on an empty stomach.

3. Intake of Tomato juice helps in Weight Loss

One who is on diet and is looking forward to losing weight is suggested to have tomato juice on an empty stomach which is low in calories. Consumption of tomato juice gives the feeling of fullness of stomach owing to loads of nutrients packed with it. Tomato juice which is rich in dietary fibre can be easily digested.

4. Tomato juice helps in Reducing Constipation

It is very important that one has to be free of constipation which could otherwise result in bad bowel movements, ulcers as well as hemorrhoids. One can reduce constipation problems upon consumption of a glass of tomato juice daily in the night which helps in absorbing excess water and waste as well as eliminate toxins in the body resulting in proper bowel movements.

5. Aids in Controlling the Cholesterol levels in the body

Another important benefit of having tomato juice is that related to keeping cholesterol levels in check. Consumption of tomato juice keeps a person away from hypertension, regulates blood pressure as well as helps in controlling the cholesterol levels in the body. Tomato juice increases the resistance to LDL, which is bad cholesterol.

6. Tomato juice acts as a Detoxification agent

Regular consumption of tomato juice helps in removing toxic substances from the body. Tomato juice helps in cleansing the body thereby making it to the list of detoxification foods. Tomatoes contain a red pigment that is made of anti-oxidants and it helps in getting rid of free radicals in our body.

7. Helps in Strengthening of Hair

Well, this one is one of the most important benefits as almost everyone has hair-related concerns these days. Tomato juice is bundled with iron and vitamins which can do wonders to rough and dry hair by making them healthy and shine. One can also get rid of other hair problems like dandruff, dead hair, etc by direct application of tomato juice to the scalp. After applying, leave it for a while before you take a shower to rinse it off.

8. Regular consumption of Tomato juice helps in reducing the risk of Pancreatic Cancers

Well, this one is particularly for the men who are habituated to more intake of alcohol or some other oxidative substances which can result in ailments related to pancreas like pancreatic cancers too. Tomatoes are bundled with beta carotenes and carotenoids which can help in reducing these negative effects on the pancreas. So, to live a healthy life, make it a habit to consume a glass of tomato juice daily.

9. Prevents from damage caused due to Free radicals

Organic tomato juice made of ripe and fresh tomatoes packs loads of antioxidants in it. Well, the presence of these antioxidants can do wonders to our skin which might get damaged due to the free radicals from smoking, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays as well as the pollutants surrounding us.

It is very much needed that we keep a check on these free radicals by keeping them away from our skin which can otherwise result in life-threatening cancers and tumor cells. The intake of tomato juice can help in preventing the damage caused due to such oxygen-containing molecules.

10. Tomatoes helps in Improving Male fertility

Tomato juice consumption is beneficial to everyone. However, men can benefit a little more when consumed a glass of tomato juice on a regular basis as it helps in keeping them away from the risk of prostate cancer. Additionally, tomatoes pack with them lycopene as well as loads of other phytonutrients which helps in keeping a proper shape of the prostate. Moreover, the ones who do not wish to consume tomato juice can include it in their diet in the form of a salad too.

So, have you been consuming tomato juice all these days? If not, make it a habit to have a glass of tomato juice regularly starting today.

Also, keep in mind that tomato juice made of fresh ripe tomatoes is more beneficial when compared to artificial juices available in the market!

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