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Costa Coffee Christmas 2022 Menu: Includes 2 Toblerone-Inspired Drinks With Surprises

Costa’s amazing drinks definitely make every day brighter. There is already a Christmas menu revealed for customers to have a look at. And which you should definitely take benefit of.

If you like Toblerone, you’ll be delighted to learn that there are already two Toblerone-inspired beverages on this new menu. The menu is overflowing with tasty options worth a try.

This latest addition is destined to be love at frost sight, with fan favorites making a triumphant return, along with some truly delicious festive intrigues. There are not only beverages but even food items that you will really like knowing about. Let’s dive in already.

New Toblerone-Inspired Duo

In the most recent menu, there is already a new duo. And these drinks are absolutely scrumptious. The two drinks are a Toblerone-inspired Latte and a Toblerone-inspired Hot Chocolate.

Latte Inspired By Toblerone

The description of the drink reads, “This true classic has been given a festive makeover thanks to the addition of indulgent chocolate and honey-flavor sauce that’s inspired by the iconic Toblerone® taste.

It is topped with a light dairy swirl and a festive twinkle topper. And for that extra bit of seasonal magic, it also comes with a wrapped Toblerone® tiny bar to enjoy on the side.” Are you already craving it?

Hot Chocolate Inspired By Toblerone

Feelings to have something chocolatey? You have a hot chocolate right over on the menu. This hot chocolate inspired by Toblerone is a “fan-favorite [that] has an exclusive twist, as sweet Hot Chocolate powder has been carefully blended with the bespoke chocolate and honey-flavor sauce that is inspired by the iconic Toblerone® taste.

It is finished with a light dairy swirl and a festive twinkle topper and has a moreish side addition of a wrapped Toblerone® tiny bar.”

Gingerbread & Cream Latte

This menu would be incomplete without the addition of the Gingerbread & Cream Latte. A limited edition of Gingerbread Latte coffee in a can is also available.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Hot Chocolate & Muffin

Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Hot Chocolate is also on the menu. “You can even complement it perfectly with the returning Terry’s Chocolate Orange® Muffin, filled with chocolate orange sauce and topped with icing and a delicious segment of the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange®.”

Chocolate Muffin Inspired By Toblerone

Do you intend to pair one of the Toblerone-inspired drinks? In that case, a chocolate muffin would be an excellent choice.

“This luxury chocolate muffin is packed with milk chocolate chunks and chopped almonds, filled with a velvety chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate icing, and finished with a Toblerone® tiny bar.”

More Additions Include:

Brie & Cranberry Toastie (Vegetarian)

“Christmas at Costa Coffee is not complete without a range of delicious new toasties and paninis and those looking for traditional festive flair can choose from the new vegetarian Brie & Cranberry Toastie, filled with creamy brie slices and sweet cranberry sauce to complement.”

Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese

“Also making its debut is the new Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese, featuring creamy macaroni and cheese with fresh spinach, topped with maple cured bacon and sprinkled with a parsley crumb.”

Vegan P’gs & Blankets Panini (Vegan, vegetarian & flexitarian)

Also, “the new Vegan P’gs & Blankets Panini has been beautifully created with plant-based sausages and bacon, sage and onion stuffing, sweet cranberry sauce, vegan mayonnaise, and cheese, enclosed within a stone-baked sourdough panini.”

The Returning Items

  • Turkey & The Trimmings Toastie
  • Pigs & Blankets Panini
  • Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Panini
  • Turkey Feast Sandwich (M&S)
  • Vegan Plant Kitchen No Turkey Feast Sandwich (M&S)
  • Turkey Ham Hock Toastie
  • Limited edition Maple Pigs in Blankets Potato Chips

“Hand-cooked in Devon, these chips feature the ultimate flavor combination of smokey sausage and bacon flavors with a hint of maple glaze sweetness.”

More Sweet Treats Include:

  • Loaded Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake
  • White Chocolate Trillionaire’s Slice
  • Crispy Festive Wreath
  • Raspberry Trifle Loaf Cake

“If something fruitier is preferred, then the new Raspberry Trifle Loaf Cake should be a go-to; a sherry-flavored sponge with raspberries, topped with custard-flavored frosting, white chocolate, and freeze-dried raspberries.”

  • Reindeer Muffin

“A vanilla muffin filled with raspberry sauce, topped with icing, and decorated with milk chocolate antlers and a red-colored chocolate nose decoration.”

  • Christmas Tree Shortcake biscuit
  • Santa Gingerbread Biscuit
  • Mince Pie
  • Gluten-Free Vegan Mince Tart

Naomi Matthews, Food and Beverage Commercial Director UK & Ireland at Costa Coffee said, “Christmas has always been such a magical time of year at Costa Coffee, and we’re delighted to yet again be able to partner with some well-renowned brands to launch another spectacular beverage and food range, complete with both new items and returning favorites.

We hope that you take some time out this festive season to visit your local store and treat your’elf – you’ve earned it.”

From November 3, 2022, the complete Christmas menu will be accessible at Costa stores and Costa Express self-service machines.

Are you planning to get your hands on these mouth-watering additions? You are welcome to drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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