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30 Less Known Facts About McDonald’s

McDonald’s, an American fast-food company has created a revolution in the quick-service restaurant category across the globe. McDonald’s is the world’s largest company in its category in terms of revenue which operates in 100 countries and serves 69 million customers daily. Below is the list of surprising facts which even its most loyal customers might not be aware of.

Less Known Facts about McDonald’s

The list of 30 less known as well as interesting facts about McDonald’s is as follows:

  • Exactly 81 years ago in 1940, McDonald’s was started by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in the California United States as a BBQ joint which is now turned into a museum. After eight years they restructured the business as a hamburger stand selling burgers, Milkshakes, Potato chips, etc. 15 years after their inception, Raymond Kroc bought franchise rights from the company and opened its first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ray Kroc served as CEO for 6 years from 1967 to 1973.

  • McDonald’s introduced the revolutionary concept of a drive-thru restaurant in 1975 in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The inspiration to open a drive-thru came from a military base that was located near one of its restaurants wherein it was restricted for soldiers to leave their cars when they are in uniform. The average time took to complete a transaction at McDonald’s drive-thru is approximately 3 minutes or 189.49 seconds.
  • Golden Arches which are the symbol of McDonald’s, which is similar to the letter “M” also stands for “McDonald’s” is the most recognized symbol all across the world surpassing ahead of the holy cross. Only in the city of Paris, Golden Arches are neon white instead of gold.
  • McDonald’s has a chain of 36,000+ restaurants across the world generating revenue of $75 million per day and its top ten busiest restaurants in terms of footfalls are all in the city of Hong Kong.
  • A new restaurant is opened every 14.5 hours selling more than 75 burgers every second. It has also a special menu which people also call as Secret menu.

  • McDonald’s famous Strawberry Milkshake contains 50 chemicals to imitate real strawberry flavor.
  • The largest McDonald’s restaurant is in the city of Beijing spread across 28,000 square feet and the smallest is in the city of Tokyo measuring 492 square feet.
  • While most of the items are high in cholesterol and sugar, there are only seven items on the McDonald’s menu that have no sugar.
  • McDonald’s recruits approximately 1 million workers every year in the USA.
  • Microsoft co-founder and its erstwhile CEO Bill Gates has McDonald’s Gold Card which gives access to free food across the world at any location for the rest of his life. Gold Card entitles one free meal a week.

  • McDonald’s consumes approximately 7% of all potatoes which are grown in the U.S to make its French fries and potato chips.
  • McDonald’s annual budget allocated for direct media advertising is $ 1 billion.
  • Royal Queen of England owns a McDonald’s restaurant near Buckingham Palace.
  • McDonald’s serves approximately 68 million customers every day.
  • The famous McDonald’s McRib has no ribs as the patty is a restructured meat product consisting of pork shoulder meat. So the end product resembles a fake ribs slab.
  • Four Nations viz. Bermuda, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, and Macedonia have placed a ban on McDonald’s restaurants.

  • McDonald’s french fries are the best-selling menu item.
  • The 40-piece Chicken McNuggets has a calorie content of 1,880 which is by far the highest calorie item in its menu.
  • McDonald’s is also the world’s largest supplier of toys which distributes 1.5 billion toys each year with Happy Meals.
  • 12.5% of U.S. workers which implies one out of eight workers at some point of their professional career were employed by McDonald’s.
  • Jeff Bezos, Rachel McAdams, Pink, Carl Lewis, Macy Gray, Jay Leno, and Andie MacDowell are world-famous ex-employees of McDonald’s.
  • McDonald’s provides good benefits to its employees which include an extra week of paid time off in the years when they reach service anniversary ending with a “5” for eg. 5, 15, 25, etc. Also, the company provides a sabbatical paid leave of 8 weeks for every 10th service anniversary.

  • In 1961, McDonald’s opened Hamburger University to train its executive employees and it has more than 2,750,000 graduates.
  • McDonald’s famous jingle “I’m Lovin’ It” was written by Pharell and recorded by singer Justin Timberlake who was paid a whopping amount of $6 million.
  • To check if a country’s currency is inflated or not, the “Big Mac Index” was created by The Economist in 1986. To represent the difference in monetary value between two nations, international prices of a Big Mac in their respective cities are compared which is still relevant today.
  • McDonald’s official Twitter handle is @McDonald’s with more than 4.2 million followers.
  • Customers from U.S., U.K., Europe, and Australia can also buy clothing and merchandise needs from its online shop.

  • 58,000 McWorkers from 63 countries participated in Voice of McDonald’s, which is its own version of American Idol which had a grand prize of $25K for the winner and $17.5 K for runner up.
  • Moshe Tamssot, one of McDonald’s loyal customers created the biggest burger possible and posted it on the video-sharing platform, YouTube as “Create Your Taste.” The weight of the sandwich was 3.8 pounds costing around $24.89 which was topped by ten slices of bacon, 30 slices of cheese, and 10 servings of guacamole, tomato, pickles, lettuce, mushrooms, raw onions, and grilled onions.
  • The world’s largest Big Mac which is a 14-foot-tall statue is in Pennsylvania, at the Big Mac Museum. There is on-premises McDonald’s restaurant as well for hungry visitors to eat real Big Mac.

Hope you guys found the article interesting and informative by knowing these 30 less known facts about McDonald’s. If you also have come across any strange fact about McDonald’s, do share with us in the comments section. Stay connected to this space for more interesting updates.

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