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Who is Lexi Reed? Famous Weight Loss Influencer is on a Ventilator

News of Lexi Reed’s hospitalisation is flooding the internet.

The motivational figure who inspired thousands of people through her genuine weight loss journey has been hospitalised for over a month due to “Organ Failure”

People who are looking for some motivation to start their weight loss journey will find it in this post. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything about Lexi Reed and her weight loss journey.

Who is Lexi Reed? What happened to her weight loss journey? Why is she hospitalised? Let’s find out

Who is Lexi Reed?

Lexi and Danny Reed are the power couple behind the Instagram account @fatgirlfedup. Lexi Reed, 31, has lost half her body weight and gained more than 1 million Instagram followers in the past five years.

Influencer Lexi Reed hospitalised after ‘organs began failing,’ her husband says (Lexi Reed)


She has also become an online weight loss influencer with her husband, Danny Reed, who lost 180 pounds. The two started their Instagram account as a place to share their weight loss journey in 2016. Together they have lost well over half a ton between them.

How did it all start?

They have always used their platform to speak about their struggles and triumphs on their way to losing weight. Their journey started in the September of 2016 when one of her friends Challenged the couple to go a month without eating outside, no junk food or processed food and no soda.

She says, “We started doing meal prep, looking at the nutrition label of each product we consumed and started tracking our calorie intake.

“I was stuck in bed because I had so much fat on my legs that I couldn’t walk and Danny had developed type 2 diabetes and gout because of his weight.”

They knew they needed to make a change so they decided to go on a diet together. They began by eating small meals throughout the day, eliminating soda from their diets, and only eating foods that were under 500 calories per meal.

We didn’t do anything crazy at first,” Danny added “We just wanted to start the lifestyle change so we could walk again.”

She lost weight through diet, exercise, and consistency. One may call this the” Old Fashioned” or the “Regular way.” They didn’t fall into the trap of Fad Diets or Juice Cleanses. She also said that her husband has inspired her every step of the way, and she’s done it all with him by her side.

Why is she Hospitalised?

According to her husband Dany, a few weeks ago she started feeling sick. everything she ate came out and was struggling to keep the food inside her body. He even said she started acting weird. This is when he decided to take her to the hospital.

On examination, doctors rushed her to the ICU where she was put into an Induced Coma and was breathing through a ventilator due to “Organ Failure”

According to the doctors, if Dan would have delayed coming to the hospital any further she could have ended in a more dire situation, she could have died.

It has been a month since her hospitalization. she is now awake but she can’t walk. She is on dialysis. “Getting her health back to normal is their top priority,” said Dany.

They do not have medical insurance and thus will start “GoFundMe” page to help raise money for Lexi’s recovery. He thanks their followers for their love and support.

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