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Why Do Cats Purr? Multiple Reasons Explained

Having a cat as a pet is like therapy. Imagine returning home late after a tiring day at work and seeing your fur-ball waiting at your doorstep! The moment you open the door, they wrap around your legs, asking you to cuddle with them.

Cats are a real stress-buster. Curling up with your favorite ball of fur is the best thing you would want to end your bad day with. When you play or cuddle your cat, do you hear a purring sound?

Purring is the soft, continuous, vibrating sound that cats make, and there could be many reasons behind it.

We are here to tell you why do cats purr?

Because They are Happy

The most common and evident reason behind the purring of cats is their happy mood. When the feline is content, relaxed, and happy, they send waves of calmness around them. It shows that they are in a good mood.

It is the same sound your cat makes when you stroke them. Purring also shows that this moody creature is sociable. Now you may cuddle and play with them as much as you want.

Because They Want Food

If you often hear your cat purring during its mealtime, know that they are hungry, and it is about time you serve them their favorite food ranging from fish to dry chicken – and everything in between.

So, how do you spot if your cat is purring for their happy mood or merely out of hunger? When hungry, cats often combine their normal purr with a mew or unpleasant cry. This cry sounds like a baby cry. Respond well to their sound, or they may become cranky.

Because They Want to Exhibit Mother-Kitten Connection

According to research, many kittens start purring right from a young age. This purring sound doesn’t mean they are happy or hungry, but tells that they are okay around their mother. Purring of the kittens is often related to the mother-kitten connection.


See a kitten with a mother; when it purrs, you will see the Mama cat starts caressing the baby cat. Mothers use their purring as a lullaby to comfort their kittens.

To Show Relief

Have you ever noticed that your cat purrs after hitting a bed? Does your cat often purr when they fall from a height? Many cats start purring when they are hurt or in pain. Purring for a cat is a way to soothe themselves.

Next time you see your fur-ball purring after hitting a chair or falling, make sure you lift them up and caress them warmly.

Because They are Healing

According to many experts, purring in cats helps them get better faster. The low frequency of purrs creates vibrations within their bodies. These vibrations help the bones and wounds to heal quicker. The same vibration builds and repairs their tendons, eases their breathing, and relieves pain or swelling.

Sometimes, cats love to purr, and during all the other times, their bodies signal them to make these vibrations. The quicker you spot, the better you understand.

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